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Secure your Rewards Inventory with Survey Analytics

When it comes to managing and distributing rewards to your community members for their participation, you want a no nonsense solution that is secure and allows you to enable specific security parameters that will allow you full control your rewards inventory.

To protect your rewards inventory, Survey Analytics has enabled a rewards distribution system that gives you full notice when members want to redeem rewards.

It is up to you to decide who and when someone can claim the rewards.
With our improved Rewards redemption process, we close any opportunities for rewards abuse.

10 Tips For Effective Online Focus Groups

10 tips for Effective Online Focus Groups from Sarah Baughman

Here are 10 simple yet effective tips from Sarah Baughman, Ph. D from Virginia Tech, to consider the next time you run an online discussion group on Survey Analytics! With these tips, you can make organizing and and running an online focus group a big part of your community insights strategy.
If you need a moderator or help with recruitment, Survey Analytics offers moderation and recruitment solutions that will ensure your online discussions are well attended and filled with great qualitative data to analyze.
To learn more about the Community Insights Solution, CLICK HERE. 

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Holiday Shopping & Marketing Trends

Happy Holidays from Survey Analytics! There's a good chance that by now your mind is already on a much needed Christmas vacation, but that's okay because we save the most easily digestible posts for Fridays. To get in the holiday spirit, we found five awesome infographics about holiday shopping and marketing trends for 2014. Did you know that the average shopper will do 44% of their holiday shopping online? Or, if you're like me, more like 80%. Furthermore, more and more of this online shopping is taking place on a smartphone. 25% of shoppers say that a mobile optimized website greatly impacts their decision about whether or not to shop there. According to this article by Criteo, mobile now accounts for 30% of eCommerce transactions globally. Keep reading to learn more about the sales and marketing trends of 2014 in the top 5 infographics of the week.

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Location-Based Marketing Through Geofencing

What is geo-marketing? Put simply, geo-marketing is the integration of geographical intelligence into various aspects of marketing, sales, and distribution. In other words, it is the use of geolocation (geographic location) in the process of planning and implementing marketing activities. As the world changes and technology emerges, location-based analytics are becoming more important as we need to pay attention to the location of the consumer. The advent of smartphones is making this easier, thanks to location sharing application such as Yelp and Foursquare. Location-based marketing is seen every day, from ads on Google to "shop alerts" when to step inside a specific store's range. In fact the opportunities for marketing through geofencing are huge, and they continue to grow as time goes on.

Webinar Q&A: Community Building Insights

First of all, we would like to thank everyone that attended our webinar last week on "The Building Blocks for Sustainable Research Communities" that aired on Thursday December 4, 2014. A special thanks goes out to all that presented: Ivana Taylor from DIY Marketers, Heather Carpenter from Pilot Media, John Johnson from Survey Analytics and Esther LaVielle from Survey Analytics for moderating. 
For those of you that wanted to attend but couldn't, you can view the slides and watch the replay here. At the end of the 30-minute session, we took some time to address any questions that came up during the presentation. Now we have compiled those questions for you to review here. As always, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
Q1: Why do you think communities is the x-factor solution people should adopt in 2015?
A1: Communities are so important, especially for businesses who audiences are not on social media, is because having a community is actua…

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Tips for a Killer Resume

As the end of the year draws near, it's always a good idea to dig up your resume and polish it. Regardless of if you are on the job hunt, it never hurts to add new skills, recent achievements, and projects that you are working on. Most people will wait until the last minute to update their resume, often times forgetting major responsibilities and achievements. So we've done the legwork and found five great infographics with tips and advice on making the best resume. Check it out!

SA’s Community Advantage: Rewards Integration & International Rewards

Things can get tricky when you apply a rewards strategy to your community solution. Who do you want to use? How much money do you allocate? How do you keep track of the inventory? With Survey Analytics community management solutions, we offer an integrated rewards solution that is easy to use and saves time from using a third party vendor.
Our partnership with Tango Card gives our clients an opportunity to view a full and robust point and click rewards catalog that works directly with our points system. Points are redeemed by community members through the community member portal.

Digital cards from the top brands:

SA’s Community Advantage: Run Live Focus Groups With Your Community

Communities cannot survive on surveys alone! The most successful engagement strategies includes a variety of avenues for members to interact with you. Survey Analytics offers a built-in live discussions tool called Qualstorm which will allow you to exclusively invite members to join an online discussion. Think of it as live tweeting for research!

Need help recruiting for live discussions, do you want an unbiased moderator for your discussion group?  We offer solutions that can cover costs for recruitment and moderation requirements. Transcripts for analysis and participations statistics for each community member are available after the live discussion ends.

To learn more about Survey Analytic's community management solution, join us for an upcoming webinar on Thursday December 4th, 2014.

Title: The Building Blocks For A Sustainable Research Community Date/Time: December 4th, 2014 11AM PST/ 2PM EST

Click Here ToLearn More

Want To Take Your Insights Community Mobile? With Us, It’s Easy To Do!

Think it may take twice the work to build a multichannel insights community? Think again! With Survey Analytics Community Management Solution, it takes less than 5 minutes to enable mobile settings and make an announcement to your community to download the SurveySwipe mobile community App. You can also choose to add optional rewards or incentives to sweeten the deal! After it is downloaded, you can send push notifications directly to their smart phones, or set up geolocation surveys that will capture insights on the go.

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Black Friday

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that Black Friday is one of the biggest retail shopping days of the year. As many as 140 million people are expected to go shopping over Thanksgiving weekend, including 95.5 million on Black Friday and 25.6 million on Thanksgiving Day (according to NRF). And let's not forget Cyber Monday - the online shopping alternative to Black Friday where retailers will offer sales and coupon codes for a limited time.

72% of Black Friday shoppers say that social media  has some sort of impact on their shopping habits - so retailers better step up their social media game, as people will be paying attention to competitors' deals on Facebook. Whether you plan to partake or not, we hope you enjoy these infographics with stats on Black Friday.

On Behalf Of All Of Us At Survey Analytics: Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of everyone at Survey Analytics, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

As a company, we have so much to be thankful in 2014.

Great team, great leadership, and very ambitious projects that will bring the x factor to our clients. Truly an exciting time here and we at SA are "ALL IN." 

Most of all, we are thankful for our clients who have partnered up with us as your data collection software. We would not be where we are without you. Your feedback and opinions are very important to us and have made a huge difference as we continue to move full steam ahead into 2015.

Thank you!

And of course, since we are headquartered in Seattle, Go Hawks! 

SA’s Community Advantage: Gamify Your Community With Badges!

Gamification and surveys have been talked about for a about 5 years now. Survey wise, it can be a hit and miss.The area that really shows true gamification and true motivation is by applying a badge system to the communities you are managing for research. Badges have been used for years to illustrate someone earning a reward or unlocking an achievement. Used by many other companies, most famously by Foursquare, they indicate the attainment of a goal in either a game or a non-game setting. Psychologically, they can be very powerful. Badges can evoke engagement, increased competition, and incentivizes users to keep moving forward. In relation to surveys, this is very valuable. By rewarding participants with badges, it keeps them hungry for more. Take a look at the following slides to learn more about badges and see how easy they are to set up.

As mentioned before, a badge is a visual tool that is used to indicate a reward or achievement by a person. When a person completes a task, such a…

Survey Analytics Community Advantage: API Integration With Community Management Solution

Why is an API integration so beneficial for Community management solutions? Let's think about your day working on your community and the research projects. Do you want to spend copious amounts of time manually exporting and importing profiling information and data between your community and your internal database? How many hours do you suspect this would be? Your time is better spent running projects and analyzing the results. Let our API integration do the heavy lifting! It will allow your database to talk to ours and pull or push data on a scheduled basis.

The Community API from Survey Analytics allows users to access their community through an API and perform view, create and add operations. Users may want to know what fields are present in the panel, access specific member details and update the same. Clients will call a URL entailing the request type and pass specific details as required by the API call. The information will be in JSON format.

Available Community API calls incl…