Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Holiday Shopping & Marketing Trends

Happy Holidays from Survey Analytics! There's a good chance that by now your mind is already on a much needed Christmas vacation, but that's okay because we save the most easily digestible posts for Fridays. To get in the holiday spirit, we found five awesome infographics about holiday shopping and marketing trends for 2014. Did you know that the average shopper will do 44% of their holiday shopping online? Or, if you're like me, more like 80%. Furthermore, more and more of this online shopping is taking place on a smartphone. 25% of shoppers say that a mobile optimized website greatly impacts their decision about whether or not to shop there. According to this article by Criteo, mobile now accounts for 30% of eCommerce transactions globally. Keep reading to learn more about the sales and marketing trends of 2014 in the top 5 infographics of the week.

#1: 2014 Holiday Shopping Trends by ShortStack
  • The average shopper will do 44% of their holiday shopping online.
  • 84% of store visitors will use their mobile device before or during a shopping trip.
  • 25% of shoppers say that mobile optimized websites greatly impacts their decision about whether or not to shop there.
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2014 Holiday Shopping Trends

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#2: The Commerce of Christmas by outright
  • Shoppers spend an average of $704.18 on gifts and seasonal items for the year.
  • 60% of shoppers plan on buying something for themselves this year.
  • The number of consumers making purchases through a mobile device went up by about 11% from just a few years ago.
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The Commerce of Christmas

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#3: Holiday Social Marketing Trends 2014 by offerpop
  • 62% of marketers' primary goal for social this holiday season is driving sales and extending brand reach.
  • Apparently the Facebook algorithm change didn't phase most people. 92% of marketers plan to spend the majority of their holiday budget on Facebook.
  • 73% of Marketers agree that the breakout social network of 2014 was Instagram. 
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Holiday Social Marketing Trends

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#4: Multichannel Holiday Marketing Stats by Mainstreethost
  • In 2013, 52% of online smartphone shoppers used their phones throughout the shopping process.
  • 84% of marketers use mobile-optimized websites. Do you?
  • In 2014, holiday shoppers are expected to spend $89 billion on gifts online.
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Multichannel Holiday Marketing Stats

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#5: 'Tis the Season to be Shoppy by lab42
  • In 2010, the average holiday shopper spent $107.50 on themselves.
  • 61% of people plan to research the perfect gift via social networks.
  • The majority of people plan to spendmore than $700 this holiday season.
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