Survey Analytics Community Advantage: API Integration With Community Management Solution

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Why is an API integration so beneficial for Community management solutions? Let's think about your day working on your community and the research projects. Do you want to spend copious amounts of time manually exporting and importing profiling information and data between your community and your internal database? How many hours do you suspect this would be? Your time is better spent running projects and analyzing the results. Let our API integration do the heavy lifting! It will allow your database to talk to ours and pull or push data on a scheduled basis.

The Community API from Survey Analytics allows users to access their community through an API and perform view, create and add operations. Users may want to know what fields are present in the panel, access specific member details and update the same. Clients will call a URL entailing the request type and pass specific details as required by the API call. The information will be in JSON format.

Available Community API calls include:

  • Create/Update Panel Members Record
  • Export Panel Members Data
  • Export Reward Stats
  • Export Panel Members Data for Active Campaigns Batches
  • Get Available Sample Criteria to Select/Filter Members.
  • Get Available Sample Count for given Selection/Sample Criteria
  • Get the Price Per Response for the given Selection/Sample Criteria
  • Send Survey Invitation to Panel Members
  • Get the Rewards List for a Panel
  • Redeem Points against the Rewards

To learn more about Survey Analytics community management solution, please join us for a webinar on Thursday December 4th, 2014.

Title: The Building Blocks For A Sustainable Research Community
Date/Time: December 4th, 2014 11AM PST/ 2PM EST

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