Friday, August 22, 2014

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: The iBeacon Opportunity

If you haven't heard the buzz about iBeacons by now, now is your chance to get up to speed. So what are they? iBeacons are Apple's version of low-energy bluetooth (BLE) enabled technology that transmit relevant signals to your smartphone. Simply put, apps installed on your iPhone "listen" for the signal transmitted by these beacons and respond accordingly when your phone comes into range. Let's see an example: say there is an iBeacon positioned inside a store. When you walk in with a suitable bluetooth-enabled device, you will receive a notification, survey, coupon, or other marketing message that is relevant to your shopping experience. They present a tremendous opportunity for marketing and advertising alike, but some consumers are hesitant because of privacy and security concerns. Take a look at these great infographics with everything you need to know about iBeacons.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What Browser Are You Running Survey Analytics On?

As we all know, a website is only as good as the browser you use to access it on. If you have been having any trouble accessing Survey Analytics, it may have to do with the browser you are using. In an effort to avoid any potential problems, we are showing you a chart of browsers that we support.

Here is a table of browser versions Survey Analytics currently supports:

Customer Success Tip: If you run into accessibility issues, make sure to check the browser version you are on and upgrade or select a different browser. Log out of the site, and clear your cookies and cache before logging in again. If you still run into issues contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager and we will work with you to resolve as quickly as possible.

NewMR Recap: What's Hot in Market Research

This morning we had the pleasure of sitting in on NewMR's lecture called "What's Hot in Market Research" presented by Ray Poynter of Vision Critical. A lot of times people ask, "What's going to be the next big thing in Market Research? What's going out of style? What can we expect in the next 5-10 years?" Today Ray addressed all these things and more. He went into what's hot, what's not so hot, what's going to be hot, as well as some speculations about what the future holds. We'll get right into it but first let us give a big thanks and shoutout to NewMR for allowing us to be the Platinum Sponsor for all events in 2014.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

4 Steps to Get the Most out of Points, Badges and Leaderboards

If you're anything like us, you may be curious about learning how to make your feedback initiatives more fun for the respondents in hopes to grow your community. Where should you even begin? Gamification is complicated, and we fully admit we have not mastered the subject just yet either. One thing we have learned however is that when it comes to gamification, there is no "one size fits all" strategy and like anything - you have to test it out, listen and make changes to improve. We think we may finally have the perfect combination of easy admin, surveys, analytics, engagement tools and the basic mechanics of gamification that can bring you the community growth that you're after.

I'm sure you have heard or seen somewhere by someone trying to sell you a service that gamification is easy. There are many PBL (Points, Badges and Leaderboard) solutions available to utilize for customers, employees and overall audience engagement. PBLs alone are not an entire gamification strategy. But if they are all you have - here are four steps you can take for making the most of them to create a more engaging user experience and get the best results. Plus we have included some examples of our all new badges that are also customizable to work for you in Survey Analytics on top of our pre-existing surveys, analytics, panel management and automated points and rewards system.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Top 5 Infographics of the Week: The New Rules of Content Marketing

Forget everything you know about traditional marketing. Outbound marketing, which includes cold calling, telemarketing, spam, sales flyers, and buying consumers' attention is losing popularity and credibility among consumers very quickly.

Enter content marketing. It is a new form of inbound marketing, in which you share things such as blog posts, whitepapers, podcasts, ebooks, webinars and more to draw people in and grab their attention with your powerful content.

Today, there are fewer barriers between brands and customers, and the empowered consumer can tell the difference between outbound and inbound. Furthermore, they already know where to get the information they need and how to find it. These are "The New Rules of Content Marketing" and we've found 5 great infographics to back them up.

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