Thursday, February 22, 2018

How the Smart Speaker is Revolutionizing the Home

2017 was predicted to be the year of the smart home, and consumers are slowly integrating the new technology into their homes. With smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the newly released Apple HomePod, consumers have many options when it comes to a digital voice assistant, and the ability to optimize and control lighting, heating, energy consumption, electronic devices and security features. Currently, 16.3% of Americans live in a smart home, and that number is expected to increase to 35.6% by 2021.

QuestionPro Audience, SurveyAnalytics panel provider for customers, polled over 450 respondents from the consumer panel to gauge their thoughts on the smart home. 56% of those polled feel digital voice assistant devices will have an impact on society in the same way the iPhone has, but only 25% own one. 19% are considering purchasing one, while 60% do not feel they need a digital assistant.

"2018 will be an important year for smart speakers in the home," said Rudly Raphael, President of QuestionPro Audience and SurveyAnalytics Enterprise. "Our case study shows that consumers are eager for a way to make their everyday lives easier and are looking forward to turning their home into a "smart home" this year.”

Audience’s newest case study takes a look into the future to predict with sound analysis what 2018 has in store for smart speaker consumers. The case study provides an in-depth look into consumers who currently own a digital voice assistant device (such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana and Apple HomePod), those who don’t, and how consumers plan to implement the technology into their homes in 2018.

To view the details of the case study, click here.

To run similar studies as seen above, we encourage you to reach out to us at SurveyAnalytics and we can review sample and respondent options that will meet your project specifications. Get started today on your next project with us.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

7 Things All Market Researchers Must Do To Be GPDR-Ready by May 2018

On May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation will enter into effect in the European Union and it will have a fundamental impact on how organizations treat data from individuals in compliance with the new privacy laws.The GDPR replaces the 22-year-old EU Data Protection Directive and is intended to streamline data privacy laws across Europe and extend their reach to include some companies with no EU presence. Online surveys, which are at the forefront of any consumer, market, or employee research, also need to be made compliant with the updated regulations.

So what does this mean for market researchers doing work in the EU? In short, it means every organization who collects data of any kind must implement a data protocol or risk being fined 4% of total revenue or $20 Million dollars, whichever is higher.

In order to make it easier for SurveyAnalytics survey software users to create and send GDPR compliant data collection surveys, we have put in place a seven step process to ensure all data being collected for market research in the EU is fully GDPR compliant. Current clients who are on EU servers will automatically have these settings turned on, however, the following information must be added and documented under the settings of SurveyAnalytics your account. 

GDPR Settings Structure


There are seven protocols to cover to ensure GDPR compliance. With SurveyAnalytics, we make it easy to  implement a process for to get started.

1. Designate GDPR Survey - Data Protection Officer
Every organization that is collecting data from EU citizens must have a named DP officer. This person should be empowered within the organization and represent the organization with respect to data and privacy issues.

2. Survey Data Retention Period 
GDPR relations state that companies must make it clear how long data about the  respondents and users are retained. Our default policy will be in place, however, we recommend each company to make a decision and create their own data retention policy that protects their business interests that would satisfy the principle of informed consent of subjects and respondents with regards to expiry of data.

3. Right to Look at All Survey Data Collected
GDPR calls for allowing citizens and users to be able to look at and download all the data collected on a user. Each EU respondent will have the ability to self-download survey responses when viewing the data privacy policy available on every GDPR-enabled survey.

4. Survey Data Breaches and Supervising Authority
GDPR calls for a legal obligation for the notification to supervisory authority regarding a data breach within 72 hours of knowing about it. GDPR allows for selecting a “Lead Supervising Authority” - SurveyAnalytics has selected the Dutch - DPA as the lead supervisory authority that governs data collected by SurveyAnalytics. In some cases, each of our clients may want to select their own Supervisory Authority. Our customers must then use their own supervisory authority and can notify them about a data breach as soon as we notify you.

In cases where there is a data breach without our involvement - example a laptop with data from survey respondents gets stolen, it is up to our clients to notify their own supervisory authority regarding the breach.

5. Notification to Subjects - Regarding Breaches

Processor Agreements: SurveyAnalytics will have a standard processor agreement for all customers that lists our obligations as data processors. Customers who wish to have their own agreement put in place should contact us to apply to your account. Please note this option is only available to our enterprise customers.

Right To Be Forgotten: Respondents can request that their data - on an individual response level be deleted. They can also delete all survey responses. Further - they can also ask for the system to completely “forget” - including all cookies about the user. SurveyAnalytics will automatically remove all references to the user from its servers.

Research and acknowledgement: When users click on data and privacy - the stated purpose of research and data use will be presented.

SurveyAnalytics offers default language that includes: 
     - Use of data for research purposes only
     - No commercial sale of data
     - No solicitation or marketing
SurveyAnalytics will offer default language that our customers can use. However, it's up to the customers to decide which options to choose. They may edit the content and language also.

6. GDPR and Data Processing Agreements
There are two kinds of entities as far as GDPR is concerned:
  1. Collectors
  2. Processors
In most cases - there will be a single data collection entity that uses one or more processors. Processors may in turn use other data processors also. In order to protect the chain of command, GDPR envisions that DPA (Data Processing Agreements) will be entered into between processors and sub-processors. SurveyAnalytics has a standard GDPR compliant DPA agreement that we will provide. This form / template agreement is a standard form that SurveyAnalytics provides to all our clients. No changes to this agreement will be allowed. Clients with an Enterprise License may request changes to the standard DPA agreement - however, it will take 30-60 days for approval of changes to our standard DPA.

7. List of EU GDPR Authorities by Nation
Each nation of the EU has has their own GDPR representative, and it is up to your organization to be in contact with the one within the country that you do the most business in. 

For more information and contact information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you apply the proper settings to get you ready for the May 25th deadline. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Why SurveyPocket is the Best Offline Survey Tool in The Market

Let's face it - We can't get wifi everywhere we go to collect data. Sure, you can carry a hotspot tool, but how reliable is that? What about paper surveys? Keeping track of paper surveys, training the field team to properly collect data, and the time to organize all of the data is a pain. I know this first hand because I have personally managed market research field studies and oversaw a  team field researcher, and delivered organized results to the client within 24-48 hours. Talk about stress!

To alleviate the stress of collecting data in the field and organizing it in a timely fashion, SurveyPocket is the perfect solution. From the remote villages in Africa, national parks in Europe, and sea to shining sea of conferences in America, SurveyPocket has proven to be one of the best offline survey tools in the market. 

Features and Services include:

-Over 40+ supported question type
-Customizable themes
-Available for IOS and Android
-Automated WIFI syncing options
-Real-time dashboard and report ready for download immediately after sync.
-Onboarding & Implementation Training 
-24/7 support
-Dedicated Customer Success Manager guiding you through your customer journey for the best experience
-Access to free SurveyPocket Hackers Guide to help train your field team

As someone who has been here since the birth of SurveyPocket, I have seen it evolve into the stable and customizable solution that is is today. It's a proud moment in my career to be a part of the evolution of data collection in this world, and we look forward to partnering with you on your next field research project.

To learn more about SurveyPocket, visit us here,  or read more about SurveyPocket on Survey Analytics here. Sign up for a free trial to get started today.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

New On SurveyAnalytics! Survey Themes

We have some exciting new improvements and updates in the survey-taking experience! We know that the key to a successful survey is having an experience that is easy for your respondents to complete. With that at the forefront of our minds, we’ve put in a few updates to our survey themes as a precursor to a major SurveyAnalytics facelift this Spring!

Updated Survey Themes

Having the right look and feel for your survey is essential– from the color-pallets to fonts. But even with the perfect shade of blue in your header and the flawless Serif font, a survey can still feel clunky with an old design.
We’ve set off at the New Year to fix that! Introducing the new survey themes from SurveyAnalytics! We’ve created fresh new themes that complement the experience when editing a survey. These new survey themes are available for you to use now!

Flat Design

Our previous survey themes relied heavily on the 3D design aspects that were popular at the time. Shadows and highlights were used to simulate the look of a physical survey. In the new “less-is-more” era of current design practices, we’ve created a “flat” look to the themes. Simple elements lie flat with minimal shading.

Updated Fonts

Along with the clean, flat lines of the layout, we also update the standard fonts and font sizes used. Using modernized fonts polishes off the experience See the difference?



Coming Soon: Full Responsive Survey-Taking Experience

Our updated themes are just a taste of what’s to come! Our team is hard at work building a new take-survey experience for all of our SurveyAnalytics users!
The new mobile-first approach to survey design will make it easier and more engaging for your respondents– which lead to increased response rates for you! Including things like simple swipe gestures and auto-progression can increase completion rates up to 19%!
In addition to new mobile-friendly navigation, we’re also redesigning all of our questions types to present fully on a mobile phone all the way up to a desktop. So now, no matter where your respondents are taking your survey, they’ll experience it in the clearest and most engaging way!
Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the new experience design!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

What Are Your Thoughts On Market Research Trends? We Want To Hear From You!

Are you a market researcher who watches trends in our industry? If so, we would love to hear from you. SurveyAnalytics, powered by QuestionPro, is conducting a quick 3 minute survey regarding thoughts on market research trends and how it may influence your business goals for 2018. The data is for an exciting webinar on Thursday February 8th, at 11:00 AM PST titled, “ The Evolution of Market Research Trends.”

Participate in the survey here,  and sign up for the webinar here!

Join Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers and Esther LaVielle of SurveyAnalytics as they discuss t
the evolution of popular market research trends and which one really matter for 2018. What predictions came true? Which ones have evolved? Which 2018 trends will be the easiest to implement this year? The results are exciting and implementing the true trends for 2018 are surprisingly easy to get started on.

To learn more about current and past market research trends that have influenced our industry, check out how market researcher have turned trends into reality.

Thank you for participating, and we look forward to your attendance on Thursday February 8th, at 11:00 AM PST. Sign up for the webinar today.

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