Ten best alternatives to Sawtooth Software

Multiple research software players promise to offer the most influential research tool for market research. It is often difficult to choose between what tool fits your needs in the best possible way. Sawtooth Software is undoubtedly a leader in research survey software, with many researchers relying on it to gather data worth decision-making. There are other alternatives to Sawtooth Software that provide a complete research solution at a better price. Some futuristic research techniques may be absent with Sawtooth, and hence it is a good idea to evaluate Sawtooth competitors. We've put together a list of the top ten research software alternatives to Sawtooth for your convenience.

Here are the top ten Sawtooth Software competitors of 2020

Here's a list of the top ten Sawtooth Software alternatives for research.

1. SurveyAnalytics

SurveyAnalytics is an easy-to-use, complete research solution that can cope with any scale of survey. Now a part of QuestionPro, you get the power to not only create and distribute surveys but conduct end-to-end research with a Communities platform and a custom Audience panel. It is a one-stop-shop for research, and researchers of all project sizes can easily use this tool to conduct high-level research. The system provides researchers with multiple platform surveys along with provisions of social media, email, and QR code survey invitations. Easily readable dashboards and smart online analytics with the ability to do TURF and Conjoint analysis, or dial testing make Sawthooth one of the top alternatives to Sawtooth.

Where it lacks - 

SurveyAnalytics focuses more on analytics and depth of data capture and thus is not too focused on the UI, which is not the most modern.

2. QuestionPro

QuestionPro has been in the research game long enough to understand what researchers need to capture accurate data, and has been continuously delivering tools to assist informed decision-making. Along with an enterprise-grade research platform, QuestonPro also provides researchers the option to build and run research Communities. Their proprietary Audience pool houses more than 22 million global panelists to help you get responses instantly. They specialize in research techniques like Van Westendorp, NPS, Heatmap and Hotspot analysis, TURF analysis, MaxDiff, and Conjoint analysis to help researchers capture accurate customer information. End-to-end market research consulting services help your research stay on the right track and drive your business forward, and thus, QuestionPro is the best Sawtooth alternatives.

Where it lacks - 

Other research tools provide users with a fancier UI than QuestionPro, but that's because QuestionPro is more focused on better data gathering abilities and a more intuitive way of delivering data.

3. FocusVision Decipher

FocusVision Decipher helps researchers collect accurate data and conduct sound analysis. The research platform is stable with a variety of features with excellent implementation options. The data reports are intuitive, and the performance of the platform is versatile and fantastic. The tool is well developed, with information on how to use the tool also well updated. Help files are interlinked nicely so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Where it lacks - 

 The area that FocusVision Decipher lacks is its Crosstab functionality. Crosstabs are powerful research tools with great functionality, but setting it up can be challenging. Decipher is quite expensive too. The tool does have some bugs here and there, especially around its ability for running email campaigns.

4. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo is easy to use, and creating surveys is simple. It is straightforward to use and navigate through if you have some knowledge of survey software. You can edit and format your study as per your need. Adding rules to questions or blocks is very easy. The process of getting results isn't too technical too. The backend is easy enough to operate, but that's due to its limited capabilities. The surveys are compatible with portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Where it lacks - 

Gizmo does not support real-time data export or an API connection. Configuring surveys can be time-consuming. Also, language translations are not entirely simple to do.

5. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a powerful research tool allowing multi-language integration. You can run surveys all over the globe in multiple languages. The depth of question types helps you conductin complex surveys and surveys of large scale. The tool offers enterprise-grade security features, data management, governance, and compliance. Your sensitive data is kept protected. The help files and online knowledge base is useful too.

Where it lacks - 

Some features are tricky and not so user friendly. Customizing the survey to suit your brand guidelines is difficult. Also, rearranging the sequence of questions in long surveys can be very challenging. 

6. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is among the leading survey software. It provides a wide range of ready-made, build-in survey templates that you can directly choose to match your study's purpose. Creating surveys is simple, too, as the tool is robust and suggests a list of relevant survey questions. The reporting tool is intuitive. The analytics and feedback provided are also great.

Where it lacks - 

The SurveyMonkey UI is a little complicated. You will have to undergo some learning to perform complex surveys. The free version is minimal.


7. Confirmit

Confirmit is easy to use, and the backend is straightforward and simple to understand. Programming surveys are flexible, easy, and understandable. You can design surveys to suit the look and feel of your brand. Scripting makes it handy to create complex surveys. The logic and functionality of the tool are practical and convenient in many situations.

Where it lacks - 

The depth of questions could be significantly improved. The tool also needs some improvements for multilingual XML uploads. Users face challenges while using the tool in Google Chrome.

8. TypeForm

Typeform is a unique, user-friendly tool to create surveys and forms. The tool allows researchers to customize numerous survey areas, allowing them to develop attractive surveys. Respondents are saved the monotony of tedious, long forms. The tool is totally online-based and practical, so you do not have to download any software additionally. You can use a wide variety of templates to design and customize surveys.

Where it lacks - 

The free version is very limited. You can use only a maximum of ten questions per survey form. Logic jumps in more extensive surveys are sometimes a menace to handle.

9. Google Forms

It offers a super smooth experience to create and share the form and collect responses. You can use multiple-choice questions, modify the content, add media, all without hassles. Activating or deactivating the forms at any given time during data collection is convenient. You can also download the data to excel for further analysis. Google Forms are freely accessible with a standard Google account.

Where it lacks - 

The software is very limited and lacks many essential research features. Google Forms is not ideal for running complicated surveys. The tool is a bit bland and doesn't allow users to change the layout much. 

10. Survey Sparrow

Survey Sparrow enables all kinds of businesses to set up and run multifaceted research surveys. A sleek design and user-friendly UI assists you in creating great surveys. These essentially help respondents get a better feel of taking surveys, making it enjoyable to fill. The tool assists you by giving suggestions for questions depending on the objective of the study. Setting up logics and formatting questions is super easy and beneficial while designing massive surveys.

Where it lacks - 

New or novice researchers can find it confusing to use. Also, the tool is quite pricey, especially for small and medium researchers.


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