10 best alternatives to SurveyGizmo

Alcehemer surveygizmo alternatives

SurveyGizmo is a leading market research solution provider trusted by brands like FedEx, Adobe, Verizon, and Salesforce. Known for solutions like Activated NPS, Risk assessment, TURF, Cross Tabulation, Data Visualization, and Fall Off Reporting can help you with in-depth market insights. 

So why evaluate SurveyGizmo competitors? For starters, organizations would love to have their research prices cut down if possible. Gizmo is an expensive research solution, and in the long run, you'll end up paying enormous amounts for functions that other players offer for much lower prices.

Also, it is not the most accessible software to use, with it suiting mainly seasoned researchers. The novice ones need to undergo some training often and learn to understand and use it to its potential. We help you evaluate competitors to SurveyGizmo - competitors with better pricing, and offer more functionality for deeper research insights.

Top ten SurveyGizmo alternatives of 2020

Here are the best alternatives to SurveyGizmo if you plan to switch.

1. SurveyAnalytics

The Survey Analytics platform is a one-stop solution for researchers looking to collect and manage online feedback. From small-scale online surveys to large, complex, global market research, SurveyAnalytics meets various researchers' needs. Our software covers a comprehensive suite of instruments for designing surveys, sending email invites, and interpreting survey data. The system is created from the ground up to support the needs of anyone handling online research, amateur through expert. Our systems comply with the most outstanding security standards necessary for research and are thus one of the best SurveyGizmo alternatives.

Where it lacks - 

We have been around for quite some time, and it's evident that though we keep improving the system's ability to capture better, cleaner data, the look and feel of the tool is not the best. This probably is the only drawback you'll have to overlook to get a highly-intuitive research tool.

2. QuestionPro

Many leading brands and Universities prefer QuestionPro because of its extensive research platform. QuestionPro makes capturing in-depth insights simple. Enterprise-grade, powerful research software is bundled with more features to help you realize your research project. A robust online community platform enables you to create, manage, and engage online communities and collect powerful insights. A global sample on 22 million proprietary panelists ensures you get quick survey responses. QuestionPro also provides you consultative market research services with innovative solutions so that you can propel your research. This makes QuestionPro the best SurveyGizmo alternative.

Where it lacks - 

The tool, though highly intuitive, lacks the most beautiful looking UI. The functionalities do not seem attractive at first glance, but that should not be an issue if actionable, usable, and decision-worthy data is your lookout.

3. FocusVision - Decipher

FocusVision Decipher is a powerful, easy to learn, and robust survey software with a pleasant graphical user interface. It fulfills most of the researcher's requirements to design a survey at an economical cost. Design all kinds of surveys from easy, medium, or hard complexity and customize them to your liking. The dashboard is Decipher's crucial part that you can use for accurate data representation in various graphics.

Where it lacks - 

Using the tool can get tricky sometimes as there is no well-maintained manual available for conducting advanced research.

4. Confirmit

  1. Confirmit is user-friendly, flexible, and provides many in-built features to create complex surveys easily. The software is versatile enough to enable you to create pretty much any survey that you can dream of. Having a basic knowledge of programming languages can help you use Confirmit better. Experienced programmers can make the most Confirmit, using features to the limit. Also, Confirmit surveys support all devices.

Where it lacks - 

  1. When it comes to cost, Confirmit is one of the most expensive research solutions out there, especially when most softwares do the same job. The learning curve can be pretty steep when it comes to learning the tool compared to other platforms.

5. Qualtrics Alternative

  1. The Qualtrics survey platform is easy to use and has multiple options for grabs to collect different feedback types, depending on the researcher's needs. The platform is easy to learn and has extensive help documents. The tool offers all the capabilities and features needed to conduct complex surveys involving logics and multiple quotas. The tool provides surveys in various languages and hence is excellent for global surveys. Create numerous surveys and save the necessary survey blocks like demographic questions to import them to future surveys.

Where it lacks - 

Customer service lacks promptness. Sometimes it may take you quite some time to get hold of the right person to solve your issues. Be sure to conduct robust data quality checks and exclude bots, fake, and non-qualified respondents if you use a sample from Qualtrics. The platform is lightweight and does not fully solve basic research needs. The necessary research solutions will cost you an arm and a leg and hence is cost-prohibitive for researchers with smaller budgets.

6. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is an easy and unique platform to create research surveys swiftly. Understand the performance of the product. The software is highly-customizable, and brands can add their logo, change the color schemes to match their brand guidelines. The tool suggests researchers with pertinent questions that can help novice researchers save time. The UI is very pleasant and impressive.

Where it lacks - 

SurveyMonkey is devised with premium features, but that does come at a high cost. The subscriptions are customizable, and so the upgrades might often seem too pricey. Formatting complex questions can be a bit of a challenge. The free version is minimal, and you can't do much with it.

Discover the best SurveyMonkey Alternative.


7. Sawtooth Software

Sawtooth Software is one of the best offline research tools that specialize in Conjoint and MaxDiff analysis. The software has exceptional analytical power. Once you grasp the software and understand how to use it, you can use HTML to personalize your surveys. The customer support is knowledgeable and supportive. They genuinely care about the problems their users face. The tool is powerful and is based on stable open-source software.

Where it lacks - 

The UI is pretty old and a bit complicated to use. The templates are somehow limited, and implementing them can get tricky.

8. TypeForm

Typeform builder is userfriendly and easy to use. You can start creating big and complex surveys and forms right away. Power your brand's interactions with professional-looking, beautifully designed, online surveys that users love. The intuitive and straightforward UI gives researchers total control of the responses they receive, without sacrificing customizability. The level of customizability is pretty high to create excellent surveys.

Where it lacks - 

You can only export files to Excel. Many users also prefer PDF documents to present data, but that's missing. Having a few more analytics options can help share data across other teams. 

9. Google Forms

Google Forms is well integrated with your Google account, so it instantly reduces your dependency on multiple applications. Using Google Forms is exceptionally convenient, and the tool analyzes metrics using insightful pie charts and other graphs. Easy analytics and its convince of use with different integrated apps make it a likable software.

Where it lacks - 

Your data is not secure because it is linked to the google account, and somebody with access to your emails can quickly get a hold of the data. Customizing the design is also very limited. Researchers can't extract data in the form of CSV or Excel files.

10. Survey Sparrow

Survey Sparrow is an innovative research product that helps researchers conduct studies using a conversation style of surveys. The conversational style helps researchers use various design layouts to create a personalized feel for the respondents. Setting up the survey is also very simple and intuitive. SurveySparrow makes it simple for you to share surveys across different platforms.

Where it lacks - 

The software is not feature-rich to conduct extensive surveys. Researchers looking to conduct high-level surveys will have to opt for a different alternative.


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