The top ten best alternatives to FocusVision Decipher


One can find research and survey data collection in every industry, and a majority of them use customer perceptions to advance their products and service offerings. Researchers need better techniques to make more impactful decisions by capturing better, usable data. A ton of research software players has sprung up recently to assist researchers in realizing their research goals. 

FocusVision Decipher is an experienced research service provider and a leading survey software provider in the market. With offerings like capturing and managing rich data, conducting intelligent analysis, with a quick turn-around time, and implementing innovative research techniques, they ensure you are always on top of the game when it comes to research and software as a service. That being said, they are not the only ones with the ability to transform your data into decisions. Other players in the marketplace offer feature much more advanced than Decipher, often at a very low price. Let's glance through the top ten alternatives to FocusVision Decipher.

Top ten superior FocusVision Decipher alternatives for research in 2020

Here’s a guide so you can choose the best FocusVision alternative

1. SurveyAnalytics

SurveyAnalytics is the most sturdy, and mobile-friendly research platform today and is among the most insightful data collection tools. The information collection and analyzing functions are user-friendly and straightforward. From online data collection, mobile surveys, data visualization, and advanced analytics, our research platform ensures that you make better decisions based on reliable data. With the research suite, you can access the online, mobile, and offline solutions and collect accurate consumer behavior and feedback. Design surveys to suit your specific needs and get a better understanding of your audience. Request a demo if you’re interested in knowing more about SurveyAnalytics.

Where it lacks - 

We mainly focus on providing you questions that are intuitive, highly functional, and futuristic, and thus our focus lies lesser towards the UI of the tool. But if your main intention is capturing data quickly and receiving high-quality data for further analysis, SurveyAnalytics is the top FocusVisionDecipher competitor. 

2. QuestionPro

QuestionPro is the foremost choice of brands, researchers, and Universities searching for the best FocusVision Decipher alternative. The research platform is extensive and offers a suite of sturdy research tools to help you solve your most significant research challenges. The tool is simple enough for first-time users, yet robust enough to satisfy hard-core researchers' needs, who conduct surveys worldwide on a large scale. Advanced research questions like Anchored MaxDiff, MaxDiff, NPS (Net Promoter Score), Heatmap, Van Westendorp, and Hotspot analysis help you capture what the customer thinks accurately. The best part about QuestionPro is that you do not need to enter credit card information to sign up. The research module is built around an enterprise-grade software solution that will surely help you capture important data to make well-informed decisions. Additionally, you can develop and grow a robust community through the Communities platform for advanced research. Use their proprietary panel of Audiences to receive insights instantaneously and further advance your research. The customer service is prompt and replies to queries in real-time. The reasons to choose QuestionPro as an alternative to SurveyVision Decipher are many.

Where it lacks - 

QuestionPro focuses less on improving the tool's UI, but that's the only area in which they lack. 

3. Confirmit

Confirmit helps make complex research simple and enables users to gather feedback from customers, brand, product, and employee experience. The tool is user friendly with a low degree of difficulty. Users spend very little time on training and understanding the tool. Researchers can make use of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to customize surveys. The tool is strong enough to operate in the market research industry. The customer support team responds to queries quickly, and the Confirmit is adaptive to changes in the research industry.

Where it lacks - 

Confirmit is expensive software when compared with other competitors. Building quotas can get tricky and annoying. You will have to undergo immense training to get the hang of the tool.

4. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo has easily accessible survey templates covering various research areas. The tool is robust and powerful to use. The forms you create are mobile responsive and look great by default. Researchers have a wide variety of options and approaches for inquiries. The survey functionality is one of the best in the business and intuitive to use. This allows researchers to customize and personalize great surveys using many different question types. 

Where it lacks - 

Without a chat option to contact customer support, it can be a bit of a hassle. Users face minor annoying bugs that can make simple tasks harder and time-consuming. The software is not the most economical out there.

5. Qualtrics

The Qualtrics web-based research platform provides researchers with a complete solution for fulfilling their survey needs. It's survey features are among the most intuitive, and researchers find the interface easy-to-use. The UI is basic, uncluttered, and simple, and data visualization is highly insightful. The platform helps researchers with a wealth of prewritten questionnaires to build surveys quickly. Adding survey logics such as branching, randomization, and skipping to your questions is straightforward and uncomplicated. The survey design helps get in more responses.

Where it lacks - 

Qualtrics is a great software if you can afford it. It is among the most highly-priced softwares out there. There's very little room to customize your reports, which is a must-have feature.

6. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey has been in the research business for quite long and is among the choicest online research platform available. You can highly-customize surveys to suit your brand colors and guidelines, add your logo, and adjust questions as necessary. The UI is also user-friendly and very impressive. Even novice researchers can use this platform to create surveys quickly. To help speed up your research, use pre-created survey templates.

Where it lacks - 

It is not easy to choose a package that best suits your needs. The basic package is not enough, and you will end up needing an upgrade. Upgrades with SurveyMonkey are expensive as the subscriptions are customizable. 

7. Sawtooth Software

Sawtooth Software is a SAAS-based tool with outstanding analytical power. Once you grasp the product and know how to use HTML, it's easy to personalize your surveys. The back-end software works well, especially for Conjoint surveys. Sawtooth also has provisions for other more profound statistical survey methods.

Where it lacks - 

The software is a complicated tool, and novice researchers will find it challenging to grasp all the functionalities. A single user login interface is a huge drawback that puts off collaboration. The UX is ancient compared to competitors. Hosting surveys can get complicated, and finding help may take time because the support team is pretty small. 

8. TypeForm

TypeForm offers researchers with intuitive and straightforward software that is easy to use. TypeForm does this without sacrificing the software's customizability to boost respondents' experience and promote effortless surveys. The question design is smooth. Researchers can save several custom themes for future use. Branding is an integral part of surveys, and Typeform helps you show your respondents and customers who you are. You can control and change the images, colors, and the survey flow to boost responses. The customer support is quick and very friendly. 

Where it lacks - 

Setting logic jumps can be quite a tedious process. The free plan offers drastically reduced functions, so there is scope to do significantly less. Users also face high downtimes.

9. Google Forms

Google Forms is cloud-based and is suitable for people of all age groups. This easy to use software comes with crisp looks so you can build professional surveys. Non-technical or novice researchers can also easily create surveys with Google Forms. Sharing surveys with other people is very easy, and researchers can ask questions in various ways. Generating a simple Google Form is easy. The AI suggests questions and is thus loved by even teachers and students in the field of education. 

Where it lacks - 

The tool lacks the intuitive, advanced research questions that other research tools offer. The Excel data extract gets too messy, clumsy, and is time-consuming to analyze. 

10. Survey Sparrow

SurveySparrow makes it simple for researchers to share surveys across multiple platforms. The system is useful and is extremely simple to use. Survey Sparrow offers various interactive appealing formats to help researchers create likable surveys. Integration with Slack and Salesforce is possible. The reporting, too, is intuitive and better than most out there. Their customer support is prompt and is always available when needed.

Where it lacks - 

Fundamental drawbacks do exist. The ability to automatically resize images is absent, and that can be a big turn off. Their pricing is relatively high and does not practically suit small organizations that have minimal needs.


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