July 2014 Monthly Recap with Survey Analytics

The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you're the pilot! It's a new month again, and that means its time to get the high level overview and recap of everything that happened with Survey Analytics during July of 2014. Why continue reading? Because this month we bought a cool company and continued to develop even cooler software to help you listen. And as always, we can't wait to tell you all about it!

In the news just last week we announced our acquisition of TryMyUI, a usability testing platform that connects companies to access behavioral data. Pre-qualified testers help you find what's hot and what's not in the user experience of your online efforts. User testing is important for anything digital and often very under-looked. Testers from TryMyUI are trained to make narrative walkthrough videos of your website, software and other online workflows. Learn more by reading the official Press Release here or check it out as seen on Digital Journal. We are excited to have more on TryMyUI coming your way soon, including a Q&A with TryMyUI's Founder and Product Manager Ritvij Gautam and a couple of podcasts thanks to our friends at TechnologyAdvice!

As a team we let our "geekness" shine and expose some of our true colors last month. Last week, we published the "ABCs of Life Before Computers" where you can find some terms for every letter of the alphabet and what they meant before the technology age and earlier in July on the 13th we participated in the Single Hop "Geekness Day" campaign. Be sure to check out the great read on 10 reasons why the Survey Analytics Team is a Bunch of Geeks.

Some product release updates kept on rolling and our team is completely focused on listening, continuing to deliver customer enhancements and most importantly - an overall improved user experience moving forward. With that in mind, today we rolled out new left hand navigation menus and more structured automated report titles upon exporting data. Learn more about these two features here. Last Friday on the 25th of July, Survey Analytics version 5.1 was released and here you can check out the videos on 1) our white labeled dashboards 2) automated e-mails to respondents based on their survey responses and 3) the option to now have a private panel or community! On the 4th of July, Survey Analytics 5.0 was released announcing our API reward option with TangoCard, TURF Analysis frequency scoring and an easier way to consolidate data from two surveys into one!

One of the coolest features in the spotlight this month was the new Respondent Feedback Loop which enables you to have automated e-mails be sent based on a specific survey response. For instance, negative feedback can receive an automated e-mail in real-time and open the door for you to hear suggestions to improve. Or, positive feedback can trigger a thank you e-mail and perhaps help build an army of brand advocates! See our fun example in action (featuring James Franco) here. We also went over some of our most favorite interactive survey question types and how to embed media into your surveys.

As always, thanks for hanging out with us and staying in the loop this month. You're busy, we're busy and the world keeps spinning new opportunities for us to work together. We hope we can all agree that we are getting much better at sharing a lot of valuable information in one easy-to-access place. Our monthly recaps are one of the most popular posts on our blog. Why wait until the end of the month to hear what's new? You don't have to. Check out some of our previous monthly recaps or subscribe below to receive our weekly blog digest.

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