May 2014 Recap with Survey Analytics

Wow, is this year flying by or what? 2014 is already already just about halfway over! May of 2014 was another great, exciting and jam packed month for the team at Survey Analytics. It's been just over a month since we welcomed two new employees to the team, Dan Fleetwood of the Customer Success Team in Seattle and Colin Wong for Marketing and Business Development in the APAC region. Continue reading for news updates, events we were involved with, some cool features we covered and overall exciting things we have going on right now.

In the news with the help of our fantastic customers and partnership with mindsight we had a technology trends study that was featured on CNBC, Yahoo Finance and among many other well-known publications. The data is still being picked up and considered for future stories, too! Below is the presentation of results from the study on the subject of favorite devices, how consumers interact with apps, data storage, security and more - courtesy of mindsight.

Some product release updates are coming again soon and they are well worth the wait. Expect some new and improved enhancements are coming to both our logic capabilities and the analytics dashboards. We are also excited to announce that our VP of Client Services Esther LaVielle and the newest member our fantastic Customer Success Team, Dan Fleetwood, are going to get in the loop and help share more timely and relevant product updates to all of our customers.

Some features we put the spotlight on this month were the basics of piping in Survey Analytics just yesterday and last week we covered Dynamic Lookup Tables, how they work and how to set them up as a part of your surveys. Earlier in May we covered Custom Variables and Dashboard Configurations. Check out all of our previous feature spotlights here for the great use case and instructions of some of our favorite features of the Survey Analytics platform.

Some events we were involved with this month were courtesy of NewMR. We are the Platinum Sponsor for all of NewMR's 2014 events organized by Ray Poynter, The Director of Vision Critical University and a long time market research pro. On May 14th, Lucy Davison, Managing Director at Keen as Mustard did a great presentation on Research Communications and Getting it Right. Check out the recap here. Following Lucy's presentation, Preriit Souda of TNS Global had a presentation on Social Media and How Conversations Matter More Than Numbers. He shared some very insightful data visualizations of a recent study conducted across Facebook and Twitter. Catch that recap here.

The Survey Analytics Business Blog Challenge was announced just a couple of days ago and designed to help us and other business bloggers around the world churn out more fun, unique and engaging content. Check out the challenge here and if you want to participate, drop us a line! If you successfully complete the challenge, we will feature you right here on our blog and send a $50.00 gift card your way. We hope you follow along as we complete the challenge next month, too!

Thanks again for reading our monthly recap and spending another great month working with us! If you enjoyed this post and can't get enough of us and our updates, check out some of our previous recaps by clicking on the links below.

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