10 Reasons Why The Survey Analytics Team is a Bunch of Geeks

Happy Friday, everyone! It's always fun to look back at the past and get our hands on a new opportunity to write the next chapter of our story. Earlier this week, the awesome team over at SingleHop, a company that offers private enterprise clouds and also has an awesome blog told us that this Sunday, July 13th, is a day to celebrate all things geeky! That’s right, this Sunday is Geekness Day. And there is no better time to put your geeky qualities front and center as we head into the weekend. SingleHop has a very cool social media campaign running with the hashtag #SingleHopGeeks and we couldn’t help but take part. We aren't the only ones celebrating either - with the 2014 International Comic-Con just around the corner later this month in San Diego.

Before we get started with our 10 reasons why we are seriously geeks, if you want more information about SingleHop you can find out more about their private cloud hosting here. Besides being a part of the monthly Geekwire 200 list and working with some awesome clients in the gaming industry like Zynga and High5Games, there is a lot more that makes Survey Analytics tried and true geeks at heart. This is not the first time we have “geeked out” on the Survey Analytics Blog either. Just a few months ago, we hand picked 5 awesome infographics about geeks and our Customer Success Manager Greg Bender provided us with 5 of his favorite but “oh so wrong” sci-fi projections into the future. To celebrate the occasion, we wanted to expose 10 other reasons about why we are just a bunch of geeks and prove it with photos. One thing that we don't do enough as a mostly digital focused company is show our faces and share how unique we really are. At the end of the day, people like to work with people they know and people they like, right? So check us out, dig in and enjoy!

1. We Entertain Like Total Geeks

Last winter when our Tech Lead Shrikant Shinde and Java Developer Anish Bhanwala from our Pune, India development center were visiting and traveling across our U.S. office locations, by nature, we brought them to do all kinds of geeky stuff. This includes a visit to the arcade, their first game of air hockey ever, a Santa Claus bar crawl in Porltland and a trip to the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati.

Shri and Anish play their first game of air hockey ever.
Esther LaVielle brings Shri and Anish on a Santa Bar Crawl in Portland, OR. Esther is even wearing a Tigger suit, come on now! Total geek of the year award should go to her.
Shri and Anish visiting the Newport Aquarium and checking out the shark tank while in Cincinnati.

2. Our Halloween Costume Choices Shouldn't Be Surprising

Anthony Pavel and Greg Bender in the Cincinnati office bought discounted Lloyd and Harry costumes in the off season after hearing that Dumb and Dumber 2 was really going to happen. Will we see them rocking them this Halloween? Absolutely. Did we see them in the office one day? Absolutely. I (Gina Yeagley) writing this post right before you also dressed up as Iron Man with the woman spin. I'm a female. Fe = Iron. Male = Man. Therefore, I am Iron Man. 

Boys will be boys. Greg Bender (Lloyd) and Anthony Pavel (Harry). You rock!
Gina Yeagley (Me) as Iron Woman on Halloween

3. We Are Too School for Cool

Well, anyone who poses for a photo opp like what you see below should win the "Geekness Day" award. Recently in Seattle, we had a night out with a photographer and a large amount of pictures turned out just like what you see below (we told you it's in our nature to be geeks). We also may or may not be guilty of wearing our sunglasses at night.

Gretchen Lohman and Drew Jones of Team Seattle posing for a team awesome photo opp.

4. Ping Pong Breaks Are Encouraged

In both the Cincinnati, OH office and the Pune, India Development Center, there is a ping pong table right in the center of the office that we enjoy to take a break and play a pretty competitive but friendly match on occasion. In Cincinnati, we recently added darts into the mix as well. Watch your step!

The Survey Analytics office in Cincinnati, OH. 
The Pune, India Development Center team enjoying a Friday night of Ping Pong in the office!

5. We Like to Make Our CEO Feel as Awkward as Possible

Well, first of all, our CEO at Survey Analytics is awesome. It is not uncommon to see Nicole Price and Greg Bender closing in on CEO Andrew Jeavons in the Cincinnati office to make him feel extremely awkward, uncomfortable or cheer him up through those days when the rock just can't seem to get up the hill. 

Nicole Price and Greg Bender closing in on CEO Andrew Jeavons.

6. We Do Surveys About Beer and We Like Beer Too

We have done a various amount of beer studies this year, including revealing habits of the American beer buyer, capturing the amount of people drinking beer in America on St. Patrick's Day (featured in USA Today) and even shared some of the beers that our employees enjoy to sip on the most. We like to make our beer and drink it, too!

Results from our survey on the front page of USA Today on St. Patrick's Day
Gretchen Lohman and John Johnson's beers at the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Gemany.

7. Events Full of Geeks Are Where We Best Fit In

Recently, we attended gSummit in San Francisco which was an event focused on gamification, employee engagement and customer loyalty. We met all kinds of great people and even formed a new partnership with TechnologyAdvice. Earlier this year and by far our favorite event of the year where we even got to hang out with some of our customers was the GUR (Game User Research) Summit hosted by Disney Interactive, also in San Francisco.

The coolest and most retro event name tags ever at gSummit 2014 in Survey Analytics. 

8. We Like to Celebrate And Take Part in The Community

We like to attend local festivities, parades and celebrations. In Seattle, it is not uncommon for our team to sit out on the deck and catch some fireworks (the office is on a Marina right on Lake Union)! In Cincinnati, we may sneak out for things like the Reds Opening Day parade or be found front and center at the St. Patrick's Day parade. In India for the occasion Diwali, we can guarantee that even in the United States we all have our lights hanging to celebrate the Festival of Lights. 

An awesome Delorean in the Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day parade

9. Dogs Are Welcome At Meetings, and Maybe Cats Too (someday...)

Our Meet the Dogs of Survey Analytics post last year was a great read and even was picked up by GoToMeeting as we shared a snapshot of all the dogs hanging out in all of the different office locations. We also had a recent piece in Survey Magazine that labeled us as dog friendly and "cat consonant."

Esther LaVielle's dog Cooper doesn't leave her side out of her Portland, OR home office.

The same goes for me (Gina Yeagley) and my cat Felix if I work from home on occasion.

10. Despite All of These Things, We Still Have Awesome Manners

Well that doesn't necessarily make us geeks, but it's pretty awesome. Despite all of the things that make us geeks that we just talked about, we still know how to put on a straight face when we need to. Our Pune, India Development Center always welcomes special guests with warm welcoming flowers and their undivided attention.

Shrikant Shinde presenting Survey Analytics President Vivek Bhaskaran with flowers upon his arrival to India.

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