Product Release: Survey Analytics Verison 5.1 Release

We have just released Version 5.1 of the Survey Analytics Platform on July 25, 2014. We wanted to tell you about a few exciting updates in the latest release as well as what we've fixed based on reported issues in our last release.

Survey Analytics Core Features and Enhancements:

White Label Dashboard

In the past, the dashboard analytics accounts did not have any branding options for clients. This was a concern for clients who wished to keep their branding consistent. To address this, Survey Analytics is now offering White Label Dashboard accounts. You can customize the dashboard and add any logo that you would like so you can share it both internally and externally. If interested in this new enhancement, contact your CST manager to get more details and pricing. Watch the video below to learn more.

Respondent Feedback Loop

Clients came to us wanting to send follow-up emails based on different answers and scores respondents got after completing a survey. Great news! Survey Analytics now offers the Respondent Feedback Loop, which will allow you to map different follow-up emails based on specified criteria that you have predetermined. Rich text options such as images, multimedia and links can be added to improve email look and feel. Whether you want to get complex and use scoring and scripting, or if you want to create criteria based on responses from the survey, you can now customize your follow-up email campaigns. Watch the video below for more information.

Private Panel Option

Are you looking for a way to make your panel communities exclusive where only particular people you pre-approve can join? Survey Analytics now offers a private panel validation tool that can be enabled by your CST manager. You can now import pre-approved users into the panel, and when they join, their credentials will be validated. If they are not on the pre-approved import list, they cannot join the panel. You may also customize the message to ensure a smooth join and validation process. Watch the video below to learn more.

Survey Analytics Maintenance: 
  • New Dashboard Filter icon. No more floating tool that covered your data.
  • Organization settings can now be saved. 
  • For right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, the radio buttons and checkboxes in multichoice questions are now aligned from the right of the question and answer option template. 
SurveySwipe Maintenance: 
  • Fixed multi-select question types. Respondents are now able to scroll through their mobile screen without worrying that their previous answers being deleted. 
  • Fixed custom variables. For mobile respondents, you can once again pass custom variables through the image rating, multipoint scales, check box, multi-select matrix, spreadsheet, star rating, scale graphical, contact info, conjoint max diff and dynamic lookup table. 

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