Have you heard the news? TryMyUI Joins the Survey Analytics Family

As many of our loyal customers, friends and other followers may know, we were an early adopter and one of the first to develop an online survey software platform. Today, almost everyone has opted to "go digital" and we have seen drastic changes to today's business landscape. So many things are different than they once were when we started in a garage just outside of Seattle back in 2002. There have been many new, disruptive competitive products in the most recent years and many of our former competitors have been run out of business.

After spending years both serving and listening to many industries about what they need to be more efficient - Survey Analytics as an organization has taken the direction to continue adding value and innovative ways of collecting information. We are pleased to announce our recent purchase of the company, TryMyUI, to be an added value and the latest addition to the Survey Analytics product line.

TryMyUI connects companies with a high quality service to measure the usability and get the real user point of view of their digital efforts. Their pre-qualified testers are trained to create narrative walkthrough videos and voice where things look good or where it doesn't make any sense. These videos are delivered in any quantity and demographic desired within reason. The videos cost just 35$ each and are delivered as quickly as the same day. There is also a free trial available here.

Today, surveys on many different platforms in all shapes and sizes are being utilized by almost every business that exists to collect both internal and external feedback to direct decisions. However, surveys don't always fix all of our problems or tell us what may be going wrong and lack the ability to capture behavioral data. Surveys as we run them today are based mostly on quantitative methodologies and limit us from capturing rich qualitative data.

Listening is not just about gathering the perfect recipe of 360 feedback or a good balance of qualitative and quantitative feedback initiatives. Earlier this year, we launched our newest product, FlashLet, aiming to help managers and business leaders to easily find small problem areas before they become major issues. TryMyUI is on the same mission with a different and much broader audience for its application to help find those pesky problem areas before they become major issues.

Usability testing is a topic that up until recently was something only design teams spoke or cared about. But with the finally caught up trend for entire organizations to focus on the customer experience and the user experience, usability testing can be used in new, more meaningful ways. There are many outside-of-the-box applications of TryMyUI outside of just website and software user interface flows.

Like anything else, the survey user experience is equally as important to close loopholes in your feedback and listening initiatives. One of the most interesting use cases of TryMyUI that is relevant to our customers is that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently used the platform to test the efficacy of their surveys. For just $35 a review, they received interactive and narrative walkthroughs from real people taking their surveys.

Stay tuned next week for more updates on TryMyUI. We are preparing a Q&A with TryMyUI Founder and Product Manager Ritvij Gautam and also have some exciting podcasts on the subject of usability testing coming your way provided by TechnologyAdvice. Read the official Press Release for more details on the acquisition on PRWeb or as seen featured on Digital Journal here.

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