Feature Spotlight: Embed Media Into Your Surveys

In this Feature Spotlight we're demonstrating how to embed pictures and videos into your survey. It's so easy to set up, and it makes your surveys very interactive and fun to take. There are so many applications and benefits of adding multimedia to your surveys too. Use it for ad testing, content and design testing, feedback on logos and copy, and the list goes on. You can also upload videos straight to Media Bunker, which will allow you to play videos in a survey without an internet connection! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of adding media to your survey as well as how to set it up.

As mentioned before, adding multimedia to your survey goes way beyond the obvious benefits of making surveys more visually appealing. Use multimedia in your survey to get feedback on ad copy and design, pictures, logos, website screenshots, product shots, and so much more. Embed videos into your survey to better understand respondent's overall attitudes towards the video, as well as pausing the video to add comments at certain points in time.

Adding media to your survey is simple. When you are under the "Edit Survey" tab, scroll down and find "Library". This is your media library. Anytime you upload an image or audio, they will appear here in your library. There you will see an option to upload files (you can select multiple files at once!) or drag and drop files into the box. Do this and you will see your media below.

Once you have uploaded the images to your media library, adding them to your survey is quick. First select the question type that you want. In the example above, we are using "Image chooser select one" to ask what kind of smartphone you own. Add your question text, name the images you want to use, and then select them from the drop-down box. That's it! Once you preview your survey, it will look like the screenshot above. Much more visually enhanced and aesthetically pleasing to take.

You can also add videos to your survey to make them even more powerful. To add a video, start under the "Edit Surveys" tab again. Scroll down and find "Media Bunker", just below "Library" from the previous example. Here you will see a very similar window. You can choose files to upload or drag and drop the files into the box. You will also see the supported filed types from which you can choose from. Once your video is uploaded, select the "TubePulse Dial Testing/ Video Rating" question type. Now your respondents will be able to view the video while taking the survey, with out without an internet connection! They can also slide the dot along the thumbs up/thumbs down slider scale to pause the video and add comments during the video. See the screenshot below for an example of what it looks like on mobile.

We hope this Feature Spotlight was beneficial for you, and as always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have. Stay tuned next week for a great follow up and our next feature spotlight on some of the most interactive question types available in Survey Analytics.

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