April 2014 Recap with Survey Analytics

April of 2014 was yet another exciting month at Survey Analytics with a lot of enhancements and additions being made to both our product and team. This week we have geared up and are pleased to announce our new hires Dan Fleetwood on the Customer Success Team in Seattle and Colin Wong out of Brisbane, Australia to come in and help with business development and marketing efforts in the region. We will have some more information about them coming to you soon right here on the blog! Continue reading to see other highlights of Survey Analytics from this past month in the news, events we participated in, product release updates, features we put in the spotlight and more.

In the news, the Survey Analytics Culture Code presentation was featured on the homepage of slideshare.net and put in front of thousands of viewers! We have had a lot of special dedicated time together with the team and our President Vivek Bhaskaran to put this presentation together bout how we started in a garage just outside of Seattle back in 2002 and what values and beliefs brought us to where we stand before you today. From this heart felt presentation, we have picked up interest to be covered on where we have been and where we are going in Survey Magazine in an issue in the near future. View the culture code presentation below!

Some events we were involved with...Survey Analytics President Vivek Bhaskaran had the opportunity to speak at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas on Friday, April 4th on IT Innovation Crisis: Getting to the Culture of Yes where he covered how to align IT within an organization and improve the common negative perceptions of IT departments. In his presentation, Vivek explains how in fact IT is the best listening department within an organization and how when they say "yes" it's silent and the no is amplified and how we don't think about IT until we need them. We also happily announced our platinum sponsorship for the remainder of the year with NewMR and are very excited to be involved with all of the past and upcoming online events.

Some product release updates this month include some great enhancements and stability improvements in the latest release of SurveyPocket (our online/offline field tool to run surveys anytime, anywhere) to the app store and google play. We also announced enhancements to our panel management platform that now allow all of our existing clients to use the SurveySwipe general mobile community application by creating a custom panel access code (with no additional charge). This way you can invite your panel members to download the SurveySwipe mobile app and have them take surveys and receive important news and push notifications at their convenience on their smartphones. We also added enhancements to our API code and rolled out a more clean and mobile responsive interface using Bootstrap 3. See these features and more covered by Esther LaVielle in the April 2014 Education Hour replay.

Some features in Survey Analytics we covered include Advanced Quota Control where we explain how simple it is to set a quota control to your entire survey (i.e. terminate a survey at once responses are received 100 males between ages 21-25). After that, we dove in and covered our badges we have setup to use in our panel management platform and showed our defaults and how you can enter your own custom badges and requirements to unlock them. We also covered a high level overview of TURF Analysis and how to administrate this using our online survey tools.

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned next month for another recap as we continue to grow and improve our user experience and brand. We also welcome any suggestions of what you would like to see or feedback on what we are doing in the comments of this article and encourage you to read our past recaps to stay in the loop with what we have going on and what keeps us going strong day in and out.

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