March 2014 Monthly Recap with Survey Analytics

March of 2014 was an exciting month at Survey Analytics. This past month we announced our new Product Manager Anup Surendran and we are happy to have him on board with the Survey Analytics team. We wanted to take a moment to recap our top stories, events, product news and interviews from March.

In the news, our St. Patrick's Day survey was a huge success and was featured on the front page of USA Today as the data snapshot on 3.17.14. Data from the 2014 St. Patricks Day survey was picked up in 300+ publications to date. On March 26th, we presented how we pulled the study off in just 10 days, showcased the results and provided educational materials for multi-channel research in a webinar titled "How to Develop a Multi-Channel Research Strategy."Just this past week we found out we made the Geekwire 200 Seattle Startup Leaderboard and you can learn more about what this means here.

Some events we were involved with...Our VP of Sales and Business Development Gretchen Lohman and Chief Growth Officer John Johnson attended the first GUR (Game User Research) Summit SIG in San Francisco and had nothing but great things to say about the event. It was nice to catch up with a couple of our present gaming clients, hear about the research methodologies technologies used by some of the most cutting edge gaming companies in the world. Also this March, Survey Analytics CEO Andrew Jeavons presented a great session on Mobile Survey Technology at FedCASIC along with a real life use case scenario with OutSmart Flu project leader Dr. Ajay Sethi of UW Madison. We were excited to get the inside scoop on how the OutSmart Flu app performed this past year. The white labeled panel application was designed by us and tailored to the needs of Ajay and his team for crowdsourcing flu trends on the UW Madison campus.

Some features in Survey Analytics we covered include the new look and feel for logic and mobile supported question types. We spotlighted cross tabulations and how easy they are to setup on our platform. If you use Survey Analytics for employee surveys, 360 surveys or internal employee satisfaction you should definitely check out our newest product FlashLet. FlashLet aims to revolutionize employee feedback and communication streams between leadership, managers and all employees within organizations. We also have upgraded our platform to bootstrap3 and will tell you this upcoming week about the positive things this brings forward to your user experience moving forward. We have received both positive and more on the neutral to negative side of what we have rolled out so far. We are working on it!

Taking a look into the future and popular technology - we had a chance to interview our President Vivek Bhaskaran on a few topics this month to talk about the past, the present and the future. The first item we covered is the future of WhatsApp and the possibility for it being a channel for businesses to interact with consumers. We also chatted with Vivek about mobile adoption and the "Internet of Things" in Market Research to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web.


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