August 2014 Monthly Recap with Survey Analytics

Although you may have dipped out during the month of August for an enjoyable summer vacation, we were still pushing the rock up the hill and making sure we were able to deliver the things you needed the most on time. Now is your chance to catch up with us and go behind the scenes of Survey Analytics in (almost) real time! The monthly recap is a series at the end of each month where we uncover the latest news, events, customer success stories and both enhanced/new features we have to offer with our product. Some highlights from this past month include the acquisition of the usability testing company TryMyUI, a panel management customer case study and new badges now available for you to use within a couple of our products!

In the news, we continued to uncover the details about our acquisition of the usability testing company TryMyUI that happened in late July. TryMyUI offers a solution to help us fill some gaps we have in our qualitative methodologies. The pre-qualified testers at TryMyUI will record 20 minute video walkthroughs of any online experience to help you find out where things are good and where they can improve. For just 35$ a video, you can capture the user's view and even target specific demographics you would like to review your user interface and experience. Read the official press release here or check out our Q&A and Podcast from TechnologyAdvice here.

Our newest customer case study is from Gillian Kenny and Associates (GKA_field on Twitter). They are a market research fieldwork agency specializing in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the medical industry.

We are happy to announce that with Survey Analytics, Gillian Kenny and Associates not only saved a lot of their resources time, but they were able to centralize their panel management efforts all into one system. This was a huge improvement from their previous three separate tools used to do the same thing (one tool for storing panelists, another system for e-mail communications and yet another for administering surveys).

Now that they have the extra time, the team at Gillian Kenny and Associates is able to focus on their recruitment and attrition strategies to take their panels to the next level. You can see the full case study here or you can click on the image enclosed to view the flipbook.

"Survey Analytics' ability to provide a single-platform solution to fulfill our coure requirements has singularly been its biggest benefit to our organization. Survey Analytics enables to target the right people, rapidly."

Jon Loose
Gillian Kenny and Associates

The lastest event we were involved with is a webinar we hosted just last week called The TURF Analysis Playbook. Over 100 research and marketing professionals joined us for this 30 minute drill to learn when and how to get the best results using this methodology. If you missed out and still want to see the action - catch the video replay and webinar slides here. Speaking of TURF Analysis, we also have a guide you can snag here and in addition also took a moment to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about TURF Analysis here!

What's Hot in Market Research? All year we have been the Platinum Sponsor behind NewMR. There is a lot of buzz coming up this fall and winter from NewMR. In fact, the buzz has already started with a great presentation from Ray Poynter, Head of Vision Critical University covering What's Hot in Market Research. Check out our recap of the event here and if you want to catch the replay you can access it from NewMR here. Stay tuned later this month as we share the details of Ray's new book and the official launch launch of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research.

The features we put the spotlight on last month were badges and the all new employee feedback dashboard. Click here to see how badges work for employee engagement within one of our newest products, FlashLet. In addition, we also have some new badges that panels hosted with Survey Analytics can take use within their communities. We already know that badges on their own won't make your community go viral, but how you utilize them will. With that in mind, we also shared some of the steps and best practices to get the most out of points, badges and leaderboards.

We have some exciting product updates coming soon. This month our development team has been working to tackle some big picture items that will save you a lot of time moving forward in areas such as logic and scripting. Our next build of Survey Analytics (version 5.5) will be available next week and we will be sending what's new along with the release. If you want to see more snapshots of what has happened recently at Survey Analytics, be sure to check out some of our previous monthly recaps.

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