Feature Spotlight: Employee Feedback Dashboard

Today's Feature Spotlight is going to dive into one of our products you may not know much about. FlashLet is a lightweight, easy-to-implement solution offered by Survey Analytics that you can use to easily collect actionable employee feedback. And the best news is, it's free to try while it's in beta and will always be free for organizations under 25 employees. Although we launched FlashLet back in February and were even featured in this Forbes article - we don't even know where to begin when telling you how far the product has come over the past few months of collecting feedback and adding in new features. The newest feature is the Employee Feedback Dashboard which provides your company with an interactive view of how your company is feeling, the happiest employees within your organization and much, much more!

Although I just briefly mentioned what FlashLet can do within your company, I would like to give a little background about why it's here in the first place. Aside from the long known fact that annual employee surveys just aren't good enough, there is much more to it. Our very diverse, spread out team was looking for a healthy way to keep in touch. On top of having teams in four different locations, we also have a remote company President. In the US, we used tools like Yammer to keep in touch and share our progress. In India, our development team used e-mail and ticket tracking systems. FlashLet was the happy medium solution and we are happy to report that it works for us and all other companies that have tested it out up to this point.

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Now that you know what FlashLet is, how does it work? Our technology sends out an automated e-mail and push to a mobile app so you reach both channels of communication to respond. We understand that not all organizations use e-mail as their primary method of contact and that's why we made the cross-compatible experience between online and mobile for FlashLet. After the e-mail is sent, employees respond in just one click or tap and then everyone gets a report of the results. The e-mails can be sent daily to track accomplishments or weekly to just pulse how the company is feeling. At Survey Analytics, we utilize both frequencies and have looped in daily progress reports and weekly insights.

It's easy to setup, and after lots of feedback and tweaking we even have it down to five steps. In Survey Analytics, login and select the FlashLet tab in the top navigation. Enter your employee roster manually or export and use our Excel template. Setup your automated e-mails and select the time frequencies to send. You can even set up a drip to schedule rotating contents in advance. And that's it! It will automatically begin sending and you will begin to get reports that you can actually take action on.

On top of the e-mailed reports, we also have awesome analytics within the system that you can access anytime. This includes a place to view a snapshot of the history and overall response rates (positive, negative, overall % of company or team that responded), and also the ability to view and filter analytics by time (week over week, month over month, quarter over quarter and so on). The analytics will also show you additional feedback and comments received each week.

The newest addition to FlashLet and the depth of analytics we offer is the all new Dashboard. This is really cool and what this feature spotlight is all about. Here you can filter your view, see the overall response rate percentage, the organization score, weekly change (out of a 10 point scale), the happiest employees, most responsive, least responsive and the most moody. You can even see responses by location (great for multi-location offices) and by team giving you a snapshot to what's happening in the entire organization.

Some more favored features in FlashLet include the general pulse to see how employees feel about your company and the built in easy-to-use analytics and data filtering. Imagine the possibilities and things you can do for both recruiting and retaining employees by having this data available! Employee rosters also generate a team organizational chart you can view right in the tool. If you use FlashLet at a daily frequency, it allows you to manage team progress by tracking Objectives and Key Results. We also have fun gamified features like employee engagement badges to make FlashLet a friendly competition that delivers accountability.

The demand for Human Resources Technology solutions is definitely hot in 2014 and moving forward. We mentioned earlier that FlashLet is one of the newest products rolled out by Survey Analytics. With that in mind, we are looking for Beta Testers in Human Resources and Team Leadership or Management roles to help us continue to evolve the product even further. Please Contact Us here and we will quickly help you get setup to start utilizing this tool to revolutionize your employee feedback initiatives and make your company or team a happier one. :-)

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