Feature Spotlight: TURF Analysis

In this Feature Spotlight we are looking at one of the most applicable tools in Survey Analytics, TURF Analysis. TURF is an acronym for Total Unduplicated Reach & Frequency, and it allows you to assess which combination of products and services appeals to the greatest number of consumers. This is an extremely valuable tool for businesses and its applications never seem to end. If you have ever asked yourself something like, "Which combination of products and services would sell the best?" Or, "How can I tell which marketing campaign is driving customers?" then a TURF Analysis is for you. Here we are going to further explain what TURF means, how to set one up, and how to interpret results.

No, we're not talking about lawn care or football here. TURF stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. Reach means how many people you contact, and frequency refers to how often you are in contact with the people you reach. Say for example, that an ice cream company wants to launch a new flavor. They have narrowed it down to 5 flavors, but in reality maybe only 3 will be popular. It is in the best interest of this ice cream company to conduct a TURF Analysis to see which combination of flavors will sell the best and be the most well-received.

The business applications of a TURF Analysis are endless. You can use TURF to figure out which combination of products or services would sell the best, where you should place an ad to reach the widest audience possible, or estimate how much market share you will gain after adding a new product to the line.

Setting up a TURF Analysis is very easy. Simply log in to your Survey Analytics account and select the survey you want to use. Then click "Analyze" across the top bar, scroll down towards the bottom until you see "Choice Modeling" and click "TURF Analysis". Keep in mind you can only conduct a TURF Analysis on Matrix Table or Multi-Select Question Types. From there you can pick the question you want to drill down on, and select "Run Analysis" on the right, and view your results.

Your results should show you which combination of answers were chosen and by what percentage of people. This is a more accurate representation of the market than basing decisions off of simple percentages. TURF allows you to interpret complex combinations and different choices that you would not normally see without.


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