Feature Spotlight: Advanced Quota Control

Today's Feature Spotlight focuses on setting up a quota control and applying it to your survey. This feature helps you limit target responses in your survey and is very popularly used. Adding a quota to your survey closes your survey automatically leaving you with the exact data you want with no worries about frequently checking the qualifications of survey respondents. Continue reading this feature spotlight to see some more reasons why you should use quota control and how simple it is to administrate in your Survey Analytics account.

You should really use quota control when you have a specific data target for your survey to be marked as closed and complete. By putting a limit on the number of people responding to option in your survey, you are keeping your data in check and in line with the goals of your research project. After setting a quota control, the survey will be terminated based on the define criteria being selected once your quota is met. You can set as many and as advanced of quota criteria as you would like to get really targeted information.

An example of a survey where you would use quota control is in this scenario pictured below. Say you have a new beer on the market and you want to get opinions from 100 married males between the ages of 21-35 that have purchased and consumed Pabst Blue Ribbon beer within the past 3 months. In a survey, you would ask these screening questions and your quota control will make sure that you only collect information from people that selected their age as 21-35, gender as male, relationship status as married, and yes on purchasing PBR within the past 3 months.

To setup advanced quota control, in your Survey Analytics account go to the Edit Survey Tab and then select Advanced Quota Control on the left hand navigation. Click the Add New Quota button and then add a name for your quota and set your criteria. You can set as many quota requirements as you would like for your survey.

This example shows what happens after we set a quota control for capping males at 100. Once we hit 100 males in this survey, the responses become null or obsolete so you can avoid going over your set quota and so further responses do not get lumped in with the rest of your data for easier analysis of the results.

Please let us know your feedback and if you find this feature useful and stay tuned for our next feature spotlight coming soon! Thanks for reading!


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