Product Release: Panel Access Code to Enable Mobile

All Survey Analytics panel customers can now take advantage of SurveySwipe at no additional cost. If you have a panel with us, you can create a panel access code and enable SurveySwipe in just minutes. We are all connected in many ways, and it is important to offer a mobile channel to reach your audience at their convenience. With this feature, you may begin encouraging panelists to download the SurveySwipe mobile application from the App Store or Google Play and receive your surveys in a mobile environment and engaging way. You simply have to provide the access code that you set for panelists to be entered right into your panel to begin taking surveys on the smartphone application.

Video: How to Setup a Panel Access Code to Enable SurveySwipe

Think of it as a cross-compatible communication of your panel between online and mobile. All information collected from panelists using SurveySwipe to respond is updated in real time and tracked to the panelist's user profiles. Existing panelists may login to your panel online or from their smartphones and the information populates across both platforms. SurveySwipe entails all of the same profiling features of your existing online panel and also opens the door for you to collect new, exciting mobile data. This includes geolocation tagging, passive data collection, and the ability to distrubute surveys conveniently through push notifications rather than relying on e-mail.

What Our Clients That Have Used SurveySwipe Are Saying...

"Great app for mobile market research! We had a food festival and wanted to have attendees download an app to give feedback and receive updates while on location. Surveyswipe was the perfect tool! We were able to get many users and they really enjoyed getting push notices of events happening and doing follow up surveys! Thank you Surveyswipe!!!" 

If you are interested in taking advantage of this feature and adding SurveySwipe capabilities to your existing panel and need assistance beyond the video provided above, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Team member or reach out to us at: We would be happy to share some additional best practices, guidelines and information for using SurveySwipe as an added value and convenient point of contact to your existing panel.


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