Product Release: Survey Analytics Bootstrap 3 Now Live

Recently, you may have noticed some changes to 
the look and feel in Survey Analytics. We are now up and running on the Bootstrap 3 infrastructure. Bootstrap 3 is a front end framework that helps build sites quickly and efficiently. This sleek framework is optimized to render mobile-first for faster and easier responsive editing. There design is now more responsive and a flat graphical modern and sleek style. Now it is much easier to update custom themes and use the tool from mobile devices. Survey Analytics is now working very well when accessed from iPads or other tablets with this update to the interface. Continue reading to see some of the new look and feel, key notes, major impacts and benefits associated with this product update.  

How Does this Impact Survey Analytics Users?

  • New menu icons and buttons have been added to help with readability of menu options for users. Collapsable accordion style menus to make appearance less busy and more accessible.
  • For respondents taking surveys via a mobile device, there is not much change but long term we will be making more updates to enhance the mobile experience.
  • Smaller file sizes by minified properties in the platform - this is much more viable for sites that need to work well on under-powered mobile and tablet devices.
  • Online panel home pages and member portals now have new themes you can select that are mobile responsive and optimized, later these will also be customizable. 
  • Almost every webpage on the core application has been touched with this change.

Known Issues as of 4.1.14 Reported by the Survey Analytics Customer Success Team

Issue Title
ETA for Resolution
Panel - Email Template doesnot update when selecting it
Mar 27 2014
Mar 28 2014
Email invitations are very wide
March 27 2014
March 28  2014

If you experience any other issues, please contact our live support here.

Interface Screenshots

Creating a survey, new buttons for folders, analysis and survey options, new collapsable side menus

Selecting and adding questions to a survey 

New dashboard views and filters, new side menu and collapsable "accordion" menus in analytics tab

Send survey options screenshot


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