St. Patrick's Day 2014 Survey

As St. Patrick's day draws near, we are excited to share with you the results of our 2014 St. Patrick's Day survey. We got input from nearly 3,000 people and the final data presented is based on the completed surveys of 1,337 Americans. We asked them questions about their plans to celebrate, what they like to drink on the holiday, and even if they will attempt an Irish accent. Participants came from 47 different states, were both male and female, and have varying levels of education.

We went about finding respondents a few different ways; first we set up targeted social media ads through Facebook and Twitter. Then we visited a local brewery in Cincinnati called Rhinegeist and conducted field interviews by using iPads loaded with SurveyPocket. There we were able to collect about 50 responses live. We also used a general US population sample courtesy of qSample. Check out the infographic below with a highlight of some of the best results!

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St. Patricks Day 2014 Survey

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More stats from the survey: 
  1. 41% will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with friends at a party or bar
  2. 30% will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with family or children
  3. 21% will celebrate St. Patrick's Day by attending a parade
  4. 5% will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with co-workers
  5. 75% plan to drink on St. Patrick's Day
  6. 54% prefer to drink beer on St. Patrick's Day
  7. 19% prefer to drink hard alcohol on St. Patrick's Day
  8. 9% will drink a combination of beer and hard alcohol
  9. 35% drink whiskey a few times a year
  10. 7% drink whiskey several times a week or more
  11. 49% only drink green beer on St. Patrick's Day
  12. 34% never drink green beer
  13. 7% drink green beer a few times a year!
  14. 32% of people will attempt an Irish accent on St. Patrick's Day
  15. 31% of respondents were 32-44 years old, 20% were 26-31 years old, 19% were 45-57 years old
  16. 40% completed some college, 24% have a Bachelor's Degree, 22% have a High School Diploma or GED, 9% have a Masters or Graduate Level Degree, 3% less than High School and 1% hold PhD level education
The top 10 states with the most responses were:
  1. California 
  2. Florida 
  3. Texas 
  4. New York
  5. Pennsylvania 
  6. Illinois
  7. Ohio
  8. Georgia
  9. North Carolina
  10. Michigan
We also used word clouds (or tag clouds) to better visualize the open-ended text data. Take a look at the word clouds below to see what brand of whiskey people prefer, what city they think of on St. Patrick's Day, and what kind of beer they think is most commonly used to make green beer!

What is the first city you think of when you hear St. Patrick's Day? (Word Cloud)

What is your favorite brand of whiskey to drink on St. Patrick's Day? (Word Cloud)

What is your favorite beer to drink on St. Patrick's Day? (Word Cloud)

What brand of beer do you think is used the most to make green beer? (Word Cloud)


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