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5 Awesome but Oh-So-Wrong Science Fiction Projections Into the Future

Live Long and Prosper
At Survey Analytics, many of us love and banter about sci-fi movies and all the awesomeness. We asked Customer Success Team Member Greg Bender to provide us with his top 5 favorite projections into the future in science fiction movies and to emphasize on how very wrong they were. Although we believe anything is possible and some of these dates have not occurred yet, we still thought we would share these so off-beat projections that were already proven wrong or are likely impossible to happen. Please do share some of your favorite sci-fi future projections as well in the comments!

So awesome but oh-so-wrong sci-fi projection into the future #1 comes from the 1982 film Bladerunner, which is also arguably Survey Analytics CEO Andrew Jeavons' favorite movie of all time. Sunny "Golden State" California looks like Hong Kong and is covered in acid rain? Billboards are floating in the air and advertising living "off-world?"

So awesome but oh-so-wrong sci-fi projection into the future #2 comes from The Jetsons. This 1962 cartoon was set to take place 100 years in the future in 2062. Will our briefcase really turn into a flying car for the entire family by then? Wouldn't that be nice? You never know!

So awesome but oh-so-wrong sci-fi projection into the future #3 is Skynet and The Terminator. This 1984 sci-fi film claimed that on August 4, 1997 Skynet would take over the world, kill us all and the robots would rise. Yeah, right.

So awesome but oh-so-wrong sci-fi projection into the future #4 is one of Tom Cruise's latest films, Oblivion. This 2013 film predicts an alien invasion will happen in 2017 and that by 2077 Tom Cruise is the only male left on the planet (and he's even been cloned)!

Last but not least, so awesome but oh so-wrong projection into the future #5 comes from the sci-fi film made in 2009 called 2012. Aside from the world nearly completely flooding by glacial melting (which has been proven impossible), the movie also stated that Einstein backed the 2012 doomsday theories (also, wrong).

Did you enjoy these? Although we focused on science fiction and extra emphasis on the fiction, you may also want to check out 26 Shockingly Bad Predictions on Buzzfeed to see real people that predicted really wrong things about the future!


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