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Feature Spotlight: Cross Tabulation

In today's Feature Spotlight we are focusing on the cross tabulation feature in Survey Analytics. Cross tabulations are a mainstay in the market research industry and is one of the most widely-used statistical tools. Cross tabs are an important statistical process that summarizes two or more variables of categorical data into a contingency table. They provide a basic picture of the relationship between two variables and are useful when showing a side-by-side comparison of various survey questions. Here we will go over what cross tabs are used for, how to set them up, and what the output will look like.

As mentioned, cross tabs are used for showing a side-by-side comparison of two or more variables. In statistical terms, it is a joint distribution between two discrete variables such as shopping habits and demographics. See the example below, which compares two survey questions. The first is, "How often do you shop online?" And the second is, "Are you male or female?"

In this example we are cross comparing online shopping habits with gender. Setting up a cross tab in Survey Analytics is very simple. After logging into your account, select the survey you want to analyze. Then click on "Analytics" and "Cross-Tabulation". Then you can select the questions that you want to compare. Select "HTML" as the output, and click "Create Online Cross-Tab".

Finally, this is how the output will look from your newly created Online Cross Tab. Here you can easily see your data separated by the variables you choose, in this case male or female, and how often you go out to eat. Our analytics tools are very powerful and can provide you with the insight necessary for any research project.


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