Feature Spotlight: Enhanced Logic

Logic is a critical part of any survey if you want to create an intelligent questionnaire for your respondents. There are many reasons why you would want to employ logic; the main reason being if you have questions that do not apply to all respondents. For example, if someone selects an option that says they do not have kids, then you would not want to ask them the ages of their children later on. Essentially, logic ensures that only relevant questions are displayed to the appropriate respondents - thus making the survey more effective and efficient.

We have just updated the way we do logic to make it easier and faster for you to edit on the fly. Before, if you wanted to add logic, a new screen would pop up with the option to add skip logic. Now, with the new icon format, you can easily add or edit logic within the survey question without leaving the window. The new logic function eliminates a lot of extra clicks and ultimately saves time.

Compounding logic allows you to set up branching based on responses to multiple questions in the survey. With delayed branching you can set up a branching logic based on a question which was asked much earlier on in the survey. Both compounding logic and delayed branching logic can be used at the same time within a survey as well.

Show and hide logic does just that - it lets you select questions to show or hide based on previous questions. A few things to remember with show/hide logic is that you must have a page break between the original question and the question you want to show or hide. In addition, show/hide logic cannot be the last question of a page.

Extraction logic is the last feature we wanted to show on the new and enhanced logic spotlight. Extraction is simpler to set up than the last examples of logic and it allows you to pick the question and the answer that you want to extract to as well as the question type.

Hear about these features and more in our March 2014 Education Hour, presented by Survey Analytics VP of Client Services Esther LaVielle.


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