Feature Spotlight: Dashboard Configurations

Dashboards are incredibly useful for interpreting and digesting a lot of information, but we all have different preferences when it comes to viewing styles. Now we have made it even easier to configure dashboards while you are already viewing the dashboard report. Without ever having to leave the page, you can click the wheel icon to configure each question within the page. In addition to this, you also have the option to share your configured data with other dashboard accounts, edit the theme, and customize charts. Learn about this, and more, in today's feature spotlight on dashboard configurations.

We have now made it even easier to edit the configuration for a question. Simply click on the settings wheel icon to edit the configuration for a question without ever having to leave the page. Survey configuration is now available in Dashboard view and Custom Dashboard Report view.

Should you need to change or update your answers, you can also customize the inverse scale. Once you have set up your scale values click the save button and it will all be reflected in your dashboard report.

You can also share your newly configured data with other dashboard accounts. The dashboard accounts you share with will only have access to the reporting side. You can share particular questions or the entire survey, it is up to you.

We are also excited about the new themes available. Update your theme to make your dashboard look any way you like; you can add or remove certain options such as the world map or time series.

Lastly, customize charts and grids for the optimal analytical display. Everyone interprets data in a different way. That is why you have the option to view your data as a grid, pie chart, bar graph, or any other way that suits your needs. We hope you have learned a new trick or two that you can use next time you are configuring your dashboard.

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