There's an App for That?! - Survey Analytics Edition

So far this month we've been tweeting about apps that we love. Each week has taken a different a theme, with different uses and applications. The first week was about funny, but useful apps. The second week was centered on business-on-the-go, and last week was about personal organization. Finally, for this last week in June we are talking about the various applications of Survey Analytics. Check them out, in order of their images, and let us know what you think!

#1: SurveyPocket for surveys anytime, anywhere on all of your favorite mobile devices. Collect information offline and synchronize when an internet connection is found. Over 30 languages and the largest library of question types available to collect the exact information you need. Great for entertainment venues, training classes, conferences, hospitals, retail audits and much more! You can also custom theme the app to match your brand! Learn more at (iOS and Android).
#2: SurveySwipe is a mobile savvy research app to let you collect feedback from today's connected consumers. The app delivers real research from real people in real places - and most importantly, in real-time. Collect feedback from your customers, any panel or community in our app or in your own app with our SDK. Some favorite features are push notifications, geolocation based surveys, user profiles built in and fully integrated/automated points and rewards. Learn more at (iOS and Android).
#3: SA Viz lets you access your data from your surveys on the go. The app syncs with your Survey Analytics account and information from your ongoing surveys is available in real-time on all of your devices. All of your data is presented in fun, colorful interactive charts and the option to toggle views is also available. Even better, it's presentation ready and charts can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail! (iOS and Android)
#4: FlashLet is our newest app in development and designed to help you work smarter as an organization and improve your corporate culture! FlashLet helps you take the "temperature" of your employees and delivers actionable insights to all. It's arguably the first and most important step to taking on employee engagement in your organization. FlashLet also lets employees share their ideas, suggestions and matches the results to fill gaps and missed connections across the board. Stay tuned for more information about FlashLet coming soon! Learn more at (iOS and Android)
#5: LifeMetrix is an app lets you collect real-time volunteered information from a community or panel for various mobile or behavioral research projects. Use it on it's own or turn it on as a feature of the SurveySwipe app. Collect general device stats like the phone model, operating system name/version, GPS information, coordinates of location, battery life and usage, WiFi data sent, available disc space on the device, accelerometer X, Y and Z Axis for movement, speed and direction.


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