There's an App for THAT?! - Business On The Go Edition

There's an App for THAT-! (1).png

There are tons of different great apps out there for business purposes, but some certainly do stand out from the crowd. And since this week's theme is "Business On The Go", we're tweeting some of our favorite business & productivity apps that we couldn't live without. Last week, we posted our 5 favorite funny, but really useful apps, and next week we'll be focusing on personal organization. We hope you enjoy these app recommendations - maybe you'll find one that you really like!

#1: LogMeIn is a super cool app that lets you log into your PC or Mac and retrieve important files remotely from your iPhone! No more excuses for "I left my laptop at home."

#2: Salesforce is critical for our sales team. Track leads, follow up with opportunities, and close deals. Salesforce keeps everything organized for us. The app is even better because it lets us manage accounts from anywhere.

#3: Expensify's slogan is "expense reports that don't suck". And that's exactly true. It's much faster than traditional expense report methods, and with their cool SmartScan technology, you can take a picture of a receipt for reporting.

#4: Square is nothing short of revolutionary. Great for small to medium sized businesses, you can accept credit cards on your smartphone anywhere in the world. It's like having a small cash register right in your pocket.

#5: CloudOn is a fully-functional Microsoft Office suite for iPhone and iPad. You can create documents, share with other people, and upload directly to the cloud-based storage of your choice. It's ideal for note-taking on the go, or any other word processing you may need when you're away from your laptop.