Going Outside of the Box to Improve Your Survey Design

It's not you, it's me! When will we stop blaming ourselves? The first step to changing something that might not be working is accepting the problem. Have you ever received a complaint from someone taking a survey you designed? You're not alone. In fact, we receive complaints almost every day of a survey gone wrong. Whether the survey is too long, too short, the questions are out of order or it does not provide an open end area to give feedback - there are many things that can send survey respondents down the wrong path. Not only can these holes leave a negative and/or feeling of confusion for respondents - they can also take a toll on the accuracy of the data you receive from your surveys! Continue reading to see an outside of the box way to give your survey design a test drive with TryMyUI - a cool company we recently acquired.

Usability Testing and How it Applies to Survey Design

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Plain and simple, TryMyUI provides usability testing and a very affordable way to get the users point of view. Their pre-qualified testers provide narrative video walkthroughs and show you how they behave step by step in any online process. In terms of surveys, walkthrough videos are provided so you can see how real people, even people in your target sample take your survey.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) sends a very high volume of surveys and evaluations every year on many different subjects. Along with these surveys, there are usually different groups of people taking each survey. After these surveys are conducted, the Bureau of Labor Statistics closes the loop on their feedback by providing web written content and data visualizations of the survey results.

The BLS approached TryMyUI for the first time after receiving numerous inquires about a specific survey being confusing. Along with seeking a way to improve that survey, the BLS wanted to improve the overall efficacy of additional surveys. TryMyUI went above and beyond these requirements for the BLS resulting in a healthy relationship that has continued on. TryMyUI used its demographic curation ability to get testers that were not only in the demographic desired, but trained them on how to respond while testing the surveys in order to get the BLS maximum feedback and benefits.

Not Just for Surveys - Test Any Online Process

TryMyUI is also a go-to resource for testing out the usability of websites, publications, software, online games and anything else online you want tested. On top of their current qualitative feedback offerings, TryMyUI can help you seek ways to test usability with a quantitative approach, too. If you are interested to learn more on this topic, listen to the podcast conducted by TechnologyAdvice with TryMyUI on 7 Tips for Improving Your Website's User Interface.

The Interview above was conducted by Clark Buckner from TechnologyAdvice.com (they provide coverage content on team member engagement software, customer loyalty software, business intelligence platforms and much more). Also be sure to check out their Tech Conference Events Calendar.

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