Feature Spotlight: Customizable Dashboards

Around this exact time last year, we posted a Feature Spotlight on New Ways to View Survey Response Counts. Well, that Feature Spotlight has turned out to be one of our most popular blog posts of all time! And since a lot has improved in our system over the past year, we decided to do an updated version showcasing our latest interface for you now.

This updated Feature Spotlight will show you how to filter and customize dashboards so it displays exactly how you want it to. View responses by device, operating system, or browser. You can also view an interactive world map that allows you to see where your respondents are coming from at-a-glance. We will also show how you can drill down and filter based on specific answers to survey questions. Whatever it is that you want to see, we've got it! Learn how to view all of these reports and more in our latest Feature Spotlight.

What you see here is the main Dashboard. This is accessible from selecting the survey you want to view information on, and clicking on "Analytics". The Dashboard screen is what you will see by default. Here you can see how many people have viewed your survey, started it, completed it, and so on.

Notice the two red arrows in the top right of the screenshot. By clicking on the gear you can manage your dashboard settings, allowing you to view charts based on browser, devices, operating systems, and view the world map. By clicking on the funnel, you can filter your dashboard based on specific responses.

After clicking on the gear icon, this is where you can manage your dashboard settings. Make sure you have "User Agent Info" and "World Map" selected to view the browsers, devices, and operating systems.

View an interactive world map to see where all of your responses are coming from! Hover your mouse over a country to see it light up in and show the number of responses from that region. This is very valuable information for future survey optimization and deployment.

Beyond the world map, you can also view data on what devices your respondents are completing surveys on. Are they on a computer or mobile phone? Windows or Mac? Now you know! These charts are also downloadable and shareable for easy access.

Lastly, you can filter your dashboard based on survey questions. For example, the first question of this survey is, "Are you planning on celebrating St. Patrick's Day this year?" When selecting "yes" from the drop down box, the dashboard is automatically updated to reflect data only about those that plan to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. This makes your job easier and provides valuable insight at the click of a button. Finally, keep in mind that these reports are shareable and can be exported as a PDF document.

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