Feature Spotlight: New Ways to View Survey Response Counts

Alongside from survey responses, completion rates, drop outs, views, and total time spent taking the survey - have you ever wanted to quickly see analytics of where all of your survey responses were coming from? When you send out a large survey project, it can take a lot of time to calculate the stats to really know where in the world your responses are coming from. Are you wondering how many of your surveys are being completed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and more? Would you like to know what browser is most commonly used for your survey responses? These are all very important factors that many people would like to measure in order to optimize survey design and functionality.

Today's feature spotlight is focusing on cool new ways to view survey response counts in your Survey Analytics Reporting Dashboard. Now you can easily view survey response counts by country on a world map, as well as view devices, browsers and operating systems. The devices, browsers and operating systems are displayed in visually friendly, presentation ready pie graphs. Now you can analyze this information and optimize your surveys to your respondents. Make sure they are friendly on popular mobile devices, and make sure the surveys are available in the appropriate languages for the countries in which you are getting the highest response rates.

The general reporting dashboard gives you an overview of survey views, starts, completions, drop outs, completion rate percentage and average time spent in a very visually striking way. Now on top of these statistics, you can see the response country by country, browsers, devices and operating systems in the reporting dashboard. 

To get there, first select the survey you would like to see results from. Then, select Reports in the main navigation, or type in the hot key shortcut r. Once in reports, in the left hand side panel navigation select Dashboard and your results will display. 

View responses on a world map in interactive mode. Hover over countries to see response counts and also go by the color chart key found on the lower left of the world map.

Responses by browser type tells you the percentages of survey completions per browser in a pie chart such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera - etc.

Also view response percentages by devices and operating systems to measure how many surveys are taken on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets vs. computers. 

Last but most certainly not least, these cool new charts in your reporting dashboard are ready for your presentations! Simply click on the icon in the upper right hand corner near each chart to print, download as a png, jpg or svg vector image - or get the chart in a PDF document.

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