Business Blog Challenge Progress Report: Final

Today marks the 1st of July, which means our Business Blog Challenge that ran for the duration of June is complete! At the halfway point, we posted a Progress Report on June 15th that you can check out here. Even at the halfway mark, we experienced phenomenal success. Now that we have finished the whole thing, we wanted to share an updated progress report with the full results from the month. Keep reading to see the stats and the updated infographic!

Here are the updated statistics:
  • 41% increase in overall blog traffic (via Google Analytics)
  • 340% increase in blog subscriptions (via Hubspot)
  • 27% increase in social shares (via ShareThis)
  • 18% increase in returning visitors (via Google Analytics)
  • 51% increase in links and referrals (via Hubspot)

It's pretty clear to see that our Business Blog Challenge performed very well as we experienced remarkable success. It wasn't hard either! We've done all the work and provided you with 30 topics to follow, just write one post per day and watch your blog traffic skyrocket. Click here for more details.


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