Business Blog Challenge Progress Report

Now that we've surpassed Day 15 in our 30-Day Business Blog Challenge, we are just over half way done. Since the beginning, we have been keeping an eye on our blog traffic and page statistics to see how things have grown. Needless to say, the blog challenge has been a success. So far our blog traffic, social shares and blog subscriptions have all increased tremendously... and that's just the half way point!

Here are some of the highlights and stats thus far:
  • 32% increase in overall blog traffic
  • 212% increase in blog subscriptions
  • 21% increase in social shares
  • 18% increase in returning visitors
  • 44% increase in links and referrals

So what are you waiting for? Coming up with new and insightful blog content on a daily basis is not easy. We've supplied you with 30 days of original ideas for your business blog that apply to any area or industry. Learn more and take the challenge here. If you do, tell us about it, and you will win a $50 Amazon gift card upon completion of the challenge.


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