Top 5 Infographics of the Week: Employee Wellness

This week was National Workplace Wellness Week, where companies across the US are becoming increasingly aware and focused on employee health and wellness. After all, employees spend about 8-12 hours of their day at work, and with rising healthcare costs, it is really in the best interest of both your employer and yourself to stay healthy and active. In fact, the benefits of having a corporate wellness program goes beyond just the immediate positive results in employee happiness - it can also lead to less absenteeism, increased engagement, retention, productivity and cost savings over time. Check out the top 5 infographics of the week on tips and stats on employee wellness and health.

#1: The Bottom Line on Company Well-Being by Healthways
  • Employees with the lowest well-being average 3.9 times more unscheduled absences compared to those with high well-being
  • Employees with the lowest well-being incur, on average 3.7 more short-term disability costs
  • Employees with the highest well-being are on average 2.8 times more likely to stay with a company

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The Bottom Line on Employee-Wellness

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#2: Why Corporate Wellness? by Health Fitness
  • Health-related productivity losses cost employers $225.8 billion per year
  • Poor employee health costs employers about $1685 per employee per year
  • Meta-analysis shows corporate wellness on average reduced sick leave absenteeism by 28%
  • As a result of an employee wellness program, 62% of participants say benefits are an important reason to stay at their current company, and 73% of participants say they believe their company is very loyal to them
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Why Corporate Wellness?

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#3: The State of Corporate Wellness Programs in America by shapeup
  • The average annual employer health insurance premium for family coverage has doubled from 2001 to 2011
  • 64% of companies with more than 5,000 employees offer a personal health coach to their workers
  • The return on investment for top-performing, comprehensive wellness programs can reach 600%
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The State of Corporate Wellness Programs in America

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#4: Stress Less by BetterWorks
  • 71% of American workers consider their workplace a significant source of stress
  • 10% of Americans who report stress reduces their productivity
  • 15 minutes of exercise a day can extend your life by 3 years
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Stress Less

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#5: Take a Break by Learn Stuff
  • People normally blink about 18 timers per minute, at your computer you only blink about 7 times per minute, leading to computer vision syndrome
  • 65% of us eat lunch at our desks and don't take any other breaks during the day
  • If you stand at your desk instead of sit, you can burn 2,500 calories per week
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Take a Break

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