Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with the Team at Survey Analytics

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This weekend was an eventful time for the Survey Analytics Team! From Seattle to Cincinnati, St. Patrick's Day was in full swing with green beer, parades, and celebrations all around. Although many of us have a busy week full of events and traveling, a few of us got to get out and enjoy nice weather and celebrate with a few drinks and memories.

We wanted to share with you some of the highlights of the fun things we did this weekend to get in the St. Patty's Day spirit.

And don't forget to check out the exciting data snapshot from our 2014 St. Patrick's Day survey featured on the front page of USA TODAY.

What did Director of Marketing Gina Yeagley do this weekend?

I enjoyed my weekend celebrating the holiday with some of my friends at the Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day parade front and center on 9th Street. Some of my favorite things to pass by were the Cincinnati Malt Infusers (a local homebrew club), the clan of Deloreans and the Cincinnati Pedal Wagon. I have a feeling our next work outing we have should be enjoying the city and some drinks on a Pedal Wagon. What a blast we would have! I also had an... "only in Cincinnati" moment when I saw Glier's Goetta and people jumping up and down to get their own bundle of the ground meat and steal cut oats. I also made a really cool t-shirt that I custom designed quoting Daft Punk lyrics: "We're up all night to get lucky." On the actual holiday itself there is much more working than celebrating going on. An exciting data snapshot from a St. Patrick's Day 2014 study we recently conducted at Survey Analytics was featured on the front page of USA Today. I wouldn't mind going out for a drink to join the exciting festivities happening in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati at some point today.

The Cincinnati Pedal Wagon

 Glier's Goetta Truck

 A super cool Delorean

 The Cincinnati Malt Infusers

Survey Analytics featured on the front page of USA TODAY!

What did VP of Sales and Business Development Gretchen Lohman do this weekend? 

I spent a nice weekend at the Willow's Lodge and Spa in Woodinville, WA getting some rest and relaxation! My St. Patrick's day celebrations will be cut short today, as I am heading south to San Francisco to attend the Disney Interactive Game User Research Summit with colleague John Johnson.

What did CEO Andrew Jeavons do this weekend?

I went to Fountain Square this weekend in downtown Cincinnati and had a few beers there. Then I listened to some of the Irish rock bands playing outside and enjoyed the nice warm weather!
Andrew enjoying a Guinness at Fountain Square

Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH

What did Software Consultant Tony do this weekend?

As you can see, I got to relax with my two puppies, Sampson and Bruno. I won't be drinking today, but I will be cooking corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight!

Tony relaxing with Sampson and Bruno


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