Feature Spotlight: Get Places Faster with Navigation Hot Key Shortcuts

A very exciting and big enhancement in your Survey Analytics account is that you can get to different areas of your account with a simple keystroke in a second. There navigation hot key shortcuts were designed with the goal of helping you edit your surveys and jump to navigation areas quicker than ever before. These hotkeys are a lowercase letter or letter(s) that hover over all of main navigation items and side panel navigation for the "Edit Survey" section. Type the letters that you see and you will be to that area of your count instantly!

The top navigation shortcut keys will bring you to surveys (s), edit survey (ea), send survey (d), reports (r), mobile (m), integration (i), analytics (a) and panels (p). 

The edit survey left panel navigation keys will take you to add/edit questions (ea), survey overview (eo) settings (ed), security (es), e-mail notification (en), variable mapping (ev), library (el), and MediaBunker (em).

Try these new shortcuts in your Survey Analytics account today! Feel free to leave us feedback on this enhancement and if there is anything we can do to make your user experience even better.