Feature Spotlight: Easily Search Through Your Surveys, Reports, Analytics and More

Many people conducting research use multiple platforms and work on many moving projects. Users around the world are speaking up and want the tools they use to be better, faster and stronger. The pressure is on to be able to do more in less time with the ability to operate and make changes on the go. We are continuously looking for new ways to make your Survey Analytics experience better and hassle free. Today's feature spotlight is demonstrating a very big enhancement in the Survey Analytics user experience and overall functionality. Many clients using conducting surveys and running research projects at the enterprise level have large amounts of surveys, custom reports and data. Now you can get where you need to be quicker than ever before by using the search feature. Use keywords and jump to surveys, reports and any area of your account in seconds. In addition to a recent enhancement of navigation hot keys, the Survey Analytics search feature improves our overall user experience by making your account easier to navigate and saving time. Spend less time clicking, scrolling and looking through long lists and get there fast using the search box.

The search box is located on the top of your Survey Analytics account just above the main navigation. Use keywords to search through your surveys, reports, analytics and more. The search box can also be used to type in command action items to take you to different parts of your account.  Simply type in the word command to access all available commands.

Commands that are accessible from the search box include:
panelPanel settings page for active panel
trend analysisTrend analysis page for active survey
maxdiffMax Diff analysis page for active survey
infographicInfoGraphic page for active survey
spssDownload SPSS report for active survey
analyticsAnalytics page for active survey
salesforceSalesforce integration page for active survey
data segmentationData segmentation page for active survey
commandCommand interface description
dashboardDashboard page for active survey
excelDownload excel report for active survey
media bunkerMedia bunker page
surveyEdit survey page for active survey
crosstabCross tabulation page for active survey
csvDownload CSV report for active survey
surveypocketSurveyPocket integration page
securitySecurity settings page for active survey
turfTurf analysis page for active survey
conjointConjoint analysis page for active survey
report schedulerScheduler reports/ events page for active survey
word cloudWord cloud page for active survey
apiAPI integration page
reportReports page for active survey
my accountMy Account page
sendSend survey page for active survey