You Can Thank Us Later - Customize Your Online Polls Using These Newly Released APIs

You don't have to be a HUGE enterprise to have gorgeous branded and customized polls on your web site.  Granted, you will have to have some technical expertise -- but not a staff of expensive engineers.

The MicroPoll application has just released new and improved APIs that will make white-labeling your polls a breeze.

What's an API and why is this exciting enough to write an article about it?

API stands for Application Programming Interface -- and it's like a gateway that allows you to interact with and customize inside of an already existing platform.  For example Facebook and Twitter are existing platforms and HootSuite and Facebook Apps use APIs to communicate with the platform.

APIs are specially designed to expose only the  chosen functionality and/or data while safeguarding other parts of the application which provides the interface.

And this is why the MicroPoll API is so exciting.  It frees you up from the basic templates that we've provided and gives you access to the back end of the MicroPoll platform that allows you to make changes without losing functionality.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to use the new MicroPoll API.

Who should use this?

If you're an organization who wants to leverage polling from either their own applications or websites use these API's to give your poll that professional look and feel.

Why would you want to use this?

Your organization can ask a developer to use these APIs to embed polling capabilities natively into applications or more seamlessly into your websites. There is no need to build infrastructure to support data collection or reports because MicroPoll takes care of these.

What's in it for YOU? 

If you're rigorous about your brand, then this new feature will allow you to create a a high-end look without all the big budget expenses that go with it.   People will try and tell you that it doesn't matter - but you know that it does.  There's no denying that your brand drops a bit in credibility when you've invested big bucks in a web site or branding only to embed a cheesy-looking poll inside of a professionally designed web site.

Here's an example of how one company inserted their logo into the poll.

What could you do with Micropoll's new API?