The best SurveyMonkey alternatives for 2021

The year 2020 had surprises for everyone, pleasant for some and not-so-pleasant for some. If you had high hopes from the so-called leader in the survey software space - SurveyMonkey but were dismally disappointed, heave a sigh of relief - 2021 has got better for you! Here's a list of the best SurveyMonkey alternatives in 2021 that will help you create surveys, distribute them, and analyze the data.

Top 10 competitors and alternatives to SurveyMonkey for the year 2021

We have carried out extensive research on SurveyMonkey alternatives and bring you a list of competitors of SurveyMonkey. These tools offer great features to create a survey, customize the look and feel, generate reports, and integrate with third-party apps.

  1. QuestionPro

  2. Qualtrics

  3. Google forms

  4. Typeform

  5. VisionCritical

  6. Medallia

  7. Jotform

  8. Zoho Surveys

  9. Doodle

  10. SurveyGizmo

1. QuestionPro

QuestionPro is a leading online survey software in the market research industry. Though they have customers of all sizes spread across the world, they are predominant in the North America region, with headquarters located in Austin, Texas.

The biggest USP of QuestionPro is that it offers the highest number of free features in the survey tool market. You can create unlimited surveys, add unlimited questions, and collect any number of responses. It offers 350+ free survey templates that can be readily used to conduct research. You can also customize them as per your needs. 

This is what one of the QuestionPro users posted on G2 Crowd,

“Question Pro was one of the several survey platforms I've tried to set up my research. I found the services offered more than excellent and satisfactory even in their free account version. It has all you need, lots of templates, assistance, accurate analysis, and reports!”

In comparison, SurveyMonkey's free plan lets you create a questionnaire with up to 10 items, including question types, descriptive text, and images. Using SurveyMonkey, you can collect any number of responses, but view only 40 or 100 responses per survey, depending on the time you created your account and billing location. Once you reach this limit, you'll be asked to upgrade. This free individual plan hardly makes any sense to users who are even slightly serious about collecting data. 

SurveyMonkey charges $384/year for its Advanced license, whereas QuestionPro offers the same features and more, for free. It makes a great free alternative to SurveyMonkey. Their paid plan starts from $85/month billed annually and comes with attractive features for advanced researchers.

QuestionPro is a clear winner in this space and makes the best alternative to SurveyMonkey and other competitors. You can move your surveys from SurveyMonkey to QuestionPro in simple steps and get going with your research.

2. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a well-known name in the survey software market. Their employee experience management platform makes it easy to collect feedback from employees. You identify beliefs, emotions, and sentiments from the data collected and take action to improve employee satisfaction.

Managers can use the SurveyMonkey competitor to gather real-time data and improve company culture. The company went public in less than a year after it got acquired by SAP. 

Based on the quote, Qualtrics’ price generally starts from $1500/year. It might sound a bit pricey for individual researchers and small businesses. If you, too, think so, consider a good Qualtrics alternative.

3. SurveyGizmo 

SurveyGizmo is a cloud-based survey solution for enterprises of all sizes. You can integrate feedback into the business that drives business. It also offers ready-made questionnaires so that you can save on time and resources.

It's paid plan starts from $25/month billed annually and lets you create unlimited surveys with a wide range of question types. You can randomize the order of questions and export results in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats. You can also customize the color, fonts, and survey theme with this plan. SurveyGizmo offers a great deal at this price and has many positive reviews on Capterra.

“I use this survey platform to gather feedback about the best topics and timings to hold Lunch & Learn talks at my office. We have an official office account that multiple people can use."

4. Google forms

Being a Google product, it instantly strikes a chord with users and is assumed to meet expectations. Indeed it does, when it comes to being simple and intuitive design.

Google forms, however, may not meet the needs of advanced researchers who need to perform statistical analysis using conjoint, maxdiff, TURF, and other studies. One of the G2 crowd reviews says that it is not 100% compatible with office tools.

5. Typeform

Typeform is a SaaS company that offers online surveys and form building tools. The questionnaires made using Typeform slide down fluidly and present one question at a time. Typeform users like its user experience and intuitive design. 

Typeform offers a beautiful UI that's highly customizable, error-free, and user-friendly as compared to SurveyMonkey. However, it is also more expensive than the latter. The essentials plan starts from $35/month billed monthly, and the professional plan costs $35/month billed yearly, ideal for small businesses. Here’s what one of the users  posted on Capterra,

"Overall, TypeForm has been great for my team and I. I've used it to gather survey data from a large number of our employees,99 and the response rate has been amazing, much higher than in the past."

6. VisionCritical

VisionCritical is a customer insights solution provider that lets organizations collect feedback at each point of the customer journey. Some of its highest-rated features of enterprise feedback management systems are the brand design consistency and feedback aggregation.

It has a clean UI and conducts regular training on how to use their tool. VisionCritical fares better in integrating survey results with the CRM to get a complete picture, as compared to SurveyMonkey. QuestionPro, too, supports integration with 20+ commonly used applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau, and many others. 

VisionCritical’s users have rated it 7.4 and 7.9 out 10 on ease of use and ease of setup respectively on G2 Crowd. Its users like its quality of support and have rated 9.4 out of 10. While choosing between QuestionPro and VisionCritical, choose QuestionPro if you need a robust community platform management solution. Both VisionCritical and QuestionPro offer excellent customer service and are easy to get started with compared to SurveyMonkey. 

VisionCritical pricing is not available on their website. They share a quote based on your requirements.

7. Medallia

Medallia specializes in customer experience management and employee engagement solutions. This SaaS software captures the voice of the customer across web, mobile, and social platforms. It analyzes data in real-time and offers action workflows to customer-facing teams.

You can create NPS surveys and measure customer satisfaction scores, customer loyalty, and overall business performance from the results. The software automatically categorizes the transactions performed by the executives and helps organizations identify individuals who served customers well.

Medallia's pricing is not available on their website. They share a quote based on your requirements. Few individual researchers and non-profit organizations find it's pricing quote a bit expensive and look for an alternative to Medallia. You can go for this tool instead of SurveyMonkey after considering its reviews on Capterra.

8. Jotform

Jotform is another competitor of SurveyMonkey that offers a neat and attractive UI, with a flat learning curve. It automatically sends a confirmation email to the administrator and respondents, along with a copy of the answers.

"Signature feature is one of the easiest-to-use that we have seen. Saved images mean official verification is easy. Also enabled to generate PDF of all signed forms, which is exactly what we were looking for." - G2 Crowd review.

Typeform users love the ability to add skip logic and customize the survey path based on the respondents' answers. It's paid plan starts from $25/month billed annually, lesser than SurveyMonkey. You can create 24 forms with 1000 submissions in a month.

9. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey gets your surveys ready in minutes. Its flexibility and ability to customize ready-made templates have turned many users into loyal customers.

A Zoho Survey user, who switched from SurveyMonkey, posted a review on Capterra saying, "Zoho Survey has extra credible features which can be easily used to implement a whole active survey campaign and engage the audience in responsive ways. We can filter out the recipients and the respondents to analyze the responses in a much better way.".

It’s pricing starts from $20/month per user and offers a 7-day free trial. With a vast set of features at a great price, Zoho Surveys makes a good SurveyMonkey alternative.

10. Doodle

Doodle is used to schedule one-on-one and group meetings with teams, clients, and colleagues. You can create polls for your events and conferences, and gather feedback through votes and comments. One of the Doodle reviews say,

“Doodle has great free features for sending out surveys and polls to your people. It is incredibly user friendly and easy to manage the output data. It allows you to submit your availability in a calendar, it allows you to make all sorts of different forms and is incredibly customizable. Doodle is easily shared and does not require participants to create any kind of separate account.”

Doodle premium accounts start from $6/month per user and are ad-free for you and your participants. You can create a poll in four easy steps and know what the audience thinks about your events. When compared with SurveyMonkey, you can go for Doodle if you are more focused on online polls. However, if you need a survey software designed primarily for surveys, go for SurveyMonkey.

Why look for an alternative to SurveyMonkey?

It's important to know what customers think of your products and services, be it a B2B or B2C business. Surveys let you get the pulse of customer feedback before it's too late. After all, isn't it harder to gain a new customer than retaining an existing one? 

And, it's not just about the customers. An organization is built with skilled and dedicated employees. Happy employees keep customers happy. A good employee feedback management solution can let you know what employees like about the company, their expectations, opinions, and concerns.

So, when stakes are so high, why settle for any mediocre survey software? Switch to #1 alternative to SurveyMonkey and get more done for less price. Move your surveys and data without any hassles. For any questions on how to switch, get in touch with their sales team.