Employee survey- The best way to measure employee sentiments

employee satisfaction surveyemployee satisfaction survey Employee surveys have known to collect feedback from employees for ages. These surveys not
only collect feedback they collect sentiments as well. In this blog, you will read, why employee
surveys are the best to measure employee sentiments. 

Without an ounce of doubt, employee surveys are the best way to measure employee sentiments.
This can be done using online as well as offline surveys. Many may argue and say gone are the
times when you had to create, deploy and receive feedback from a survey, however, I will argue that
till the end of time. 

Undoubtedly employee surveys collect meaningful feedback from the employees. For decades,
having a regular employee survey has been on top of the high performing HR practices. It would be
a big mistake to abandon these surveys. You cannot ignore the strategic importance of employee

Conducting these surveys gives you the first-hand information of what your employees are thinking
and feeling. However, more than that employee surveys help you understand the corrective measures
you will need to take based on the feedback. 

Here are the 3 reasons why employee surveys are best to measure employee sentiments: 

1. They predict behavior

Employee survey predicts behaviors. For example, add a question in your employee survey, “Where
do you see yourself in the organization in the next 5 years?” This question can predict your employee
turnover rate than any other machine-learning or a high-end application can.

Organizations can learn a lot even when employees don’t participate in the survey. With the rise of
multi-national organizations, the management needs to understand its employees at a global level in
order to manage remote workplaces. People who do not fill out the survey are 2.9% more likely to quit
their jobs. Not responding to the survey is a clear sign that employees have lost faith and are no
longer willing to back. 

2. Gives employees a voice 

Employee surveys are crucial because they give you employees a voice, a venue for open feedback.
It is an opportunity to establish two-way communication between the employees and the management.

When employees are actively involved in the process, they feel responsible and accountable for their
actions and feel they have a stake in the organization. Such employees are loyal and more engaged. 

3. It facilitates changing behavior

When you ask employees for their inputs, you are not just learning from them, you are also facilitating
changes by influencing them. When you collect feedback from your employees make sure you take
necessary actions on their suggestions. 

If you are simply going to collect feedback and do nothing about it, employees will never want to fill
another survey for you, because they now know, their suggestions are going in vain. This is not the
idle behavior you might want to influence.