Webinar on Thursday June 26th, 2018 11:00 AM: Creating Your Workplace Culture Blueprint

Join us for a special webinar hosted by our new president of QuestionPro WorkForce, Charlie Judy, as he explores the topic of "Creating Your Workplace Culture BluePrint."

Date/Time: June 28th, 2018 at 11:00AM PST

Intuition, know-how, and a fortitude for DIY can go a long way when you’re rearranging your living room. But when you’re messing with something as dynamic and intricate as the human workplace, that stuff is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. Yet organizations embark on major culture remodeling efforts without blueprints all the time. In this engaging session:

  • We’ll explore what a blueprint for your culture and your world-of-work should and shouldn’t include.

  • We’ll consider tangible opportunities to thoughtfully draft your blueprint – based on data, analytics, and a deeper understanding of who you really are, how you really work today, and what’s going to drive your success tomorrow.

  • We’ll give you some tools for ensuring your internal teams stick to the blueprint while heightening visibility to it, assigning responsibility for it, and instilling accountability around it.

Sign up today and reserve your spot!


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