New Enhancement! Add Logos to Online Surveys

For any brand, across any industry, a logo is more than just a graphic – it is the symbol of the organization that plays a critical role in brand recall and messaging.
We at SurveyAnalyticsunderstand the significance of this consistent brand messaging, and this includes creating and sending surveys that are customized with the survey creator’s brand logo. After all, customer and consumer outreach efforts using surveys play an important role in informing respondents that your brand cares about their opinion and feedback.
An effective way to brand a survey is to embed an organization’s logo in it, which will unmistakably communicate to the respondents that a specific organization is conducting the survey.   

Steps to add a logo to a survey:

Step 1: Go to Edit >> Workspace

An “Add Logo” button will appear. Click on it.

Add Logo in Online Survey
Step 2: On clicking “Add Logo”, a popup will open. Upload or drag and drop the logo/image file.
Add Logo Popup
Step 3: After uploading the image, it will appear on the survey and is usually center-aligned.

Logo in a survey for branding
How to edit or remove this image?

Once the logo/image is inserted into the survey, it can be edited or removed. This can be done by clicking on the drop-down which will provide options to change the alignment or remove the image.
Edit logo in a survey


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