New Feature Alert: Customize Automated Reports and Survey Delivery Times

SurveyAnalytics now offers the ability to customize when you and where you want to deliver automated reports and surveys. If you are working with a team that prioritizes reports to be delivered at a certain date and time (including timezones) for the duration of a market research project, this automated tool is exactly what you need. You can also schedule and customize reminder messages ahead of to respondents to complete a survey. Enabling these survey automation tools delivers what everyone needs - when they need it.

The Set Up:

1. Pick a survey or a report you want to send and click on “Send Later”.
2. As you can see, it now gives you an option to schedule your survey by picking a date and specific time when you would like to send your surveys.

Precise time-bound scheduling is particularly helpful for non-local research studies when researchers prefer to schedule their surveys to be sent to respondents at their local times. The scheduler is especially handy when these respondent time zones are at odds with user’s own time zone.