Why SurveyPocket is the Best Offline Survey Tool in The Market

Let's face it - We can't get wifi everywhere we go to collect data. Sure, you can carry a hotspot tool, but how reliable is that? What about paper surveys? Keeping track of paper surveys, training the field team to properly collect data, and the time to organize all of the data is a pain. I know this first hand because I have personally managed market research field studies and oversaw a  team field researcher, and delivered organized results to the client within 24-48 hours. Talk about stress!

To alleviate the stress of collecting data in the field and organizing it in a timely fashion, SurveyPocket is the perfect solution. From the remote villages in Africa, national parks in Europe, and sea to shining sea of conferences in America, SurveyPocket has proven to be one of the best offline survey tools in the market. 

Features and Services include:

-Over 40+ supported question type
-Customizable themes
-Available for IOS and Android
-Automated WIFI syncing options
-Real-time dashboard and report ready for download immediately after sync.
-Onboarding & Implementation Training 
-24/7 support
-Dedicated Customer Success Manager guiding you through your customer journey for the best experience
-Access to free SurveyPocket Hackers Guide to help train your field team

As someone who has been here since the birth of SurveyPocket, I have seen it evolve into the stable and customizable solution that is is today. It's a proud moment in my career to be a part of the evolution of data collection in this world, and we look forward to partnering with you on your next field research project.

To learn more about SurveyPocket, visit us here,  or read more about SurveyPocket on Survey Analytics here. Sign up for a free trial to get started today.