How the Smart Speaker is Revolutionizing the Home

2017 was predicted to be the year of the smart home, and consumers are slowly integrating the new technology into their homes. With smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the newly released Apple HomePod, consumers have many options when it comes to a digital voice assistant, and the ability to optimize and control lighting, heating, energy consumption, electronic devices and security features. Currently, 16.3% of Americans live in a smart home, and that number is expected to increase to 35.6% by 2021.

QuestionPro Audience, SurveyAnalytics panel provider for customers, polled over 450 respondents from the consumer panel to gauge their thoughts on the smart home. 56% of those polled feel digital voice assistant devices will have an impact on society in the same way the iPhone has, but only 25% own one. 19% are considering purchasing one, while 60% do not feel they need a digital assistant.

"2018 will be an important year for smart speakers in the home," said Rudly Raphael, President of QuestionPro Audience and SurveyAnalytics Enterprise. "Our case study shows that consumers are eager for a way to make their everyday lives easier and are looking forward to turning their home into a "smart home" this year.”

Audience’s newest case study takes a look into the future to predict with sound analysis what 2018 has in store for smart speaker consumers. The case study provides an in-depth look into consumers who currently own a digital voice assistant device (such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana and Apple HomePod), those who don’t, and how consumers plan to implement the technology into their homes in 2018.

To view the details of the case study, click here.

To run similar studies as seen above, we encourage you to reach out to us at SurveyAnalytics and we can review sample and respondent options that will meet your project specifications. Get started today on your next project with us.


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