The State of Market Research Analytics - 2017

Not to hype what is already a hype but let's be honest - 2016 was an amazing year for market researc analytics! Atleast for Survey Analytics users.

We created a Tableau and Caspio integration, our offline data capture mobile app now displays realtime analytics in offline mode and our NPS focused customer insights dashboard saw several leaps and bounds in comparative and location based analytics including a robust heat map!

But the world outside Survey Analytics has also been converging on this trend. Business across all spectrum are moving from data collection to rapid data analytics.

Here are 3 trends that will primarily define and structure the state of market research analytics in 2017 :

1. Moving from customer centric to customer experience centric

Every business in a sense is customer centric. Only a doomed business does not value its own customers and not focus on making product/service purchases more convenient. But in a highly competitive and dense market as today's, businesses are realizing, often the hard way, that post-purchase customer experience is far more valuable than just a customer centric approach that makes the purchasing process easier. Businesses are now ready to boost their engines and investments in the direction of customer experience analytics that provide them deep insights into brand recommendation , organic promotions and customer retention.

2. Offline technology will become more popular

As businesses venture into developing markets with limited internet coverage, they will be investing more in mobile apps and systems that can project analysis reports even in offline mode, much like our very own Survey Pocket app! Moreover, even in developed nations, power outages in small towns and cities can prove to be costly when internet reliability for data capture and analysis is centre stage.

3. Real-time will continue to be the real key

When it comes to business, no one likes to wait! Especially for analytics and reporting. One of the key reasons for the success of Survey Analytics and its wide usage across the Globe has always been the early implementation of real-time survey analysis and reporting. This trend will continue and grow as more and more businesses re-affirm to themselves that time is indeed money!  


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