Mobile-powered surveys: The only way forward!

Perhaps one of the biggest regrets in Bill Gates's career came after he had already left - the realization that they underestimated the power of smartphones. Several companies have died like dinosaurs, not because they did something wrong in their existing products and services, but because they stayed still for too long. They failed to see the robust revolution that smartphones could bring.

Survey Analytics was one of the pioneering survey software companies to introduce a fully packed mobile app that even works offline - Survey Pocket!

Why offline?

More and more companies are investing heavily into emerging markets like India, China, South Africa, Brazil and so on. While these nations are together powering the Global GDP growth, they lack internet coverage to every corner of their countries. Infact, in most developing countries, more than 60% of their population reside in rural areas with less or no stable internet connection.

Even developed nations still face challenges in connecting extremely remote areas within their national boundaries with the internet.

But for enterprise researcher, internet connectivity cannot be a hurdle, atleast not when they have Survey Pocket.

Over the last 7 years, Survey Pocket has powered organizations in conducting deep-sea geological surveys, volcanic state surveys, rural water conservation surveys, environmental heath studies, logistics research into deep areas in developing nations to uncover latent business potential with no geographical limits!

Survey Pocket allows users to collect survey data offline. Its stores the information within the device and even allows you to view real-time analysis while still remaining offline. Once your mobile device is online, it will automatically sync the information online. 

Even better, with synchronous data transfer technology, there is zero data redundancy even if a data upload fails due to shaky internet connection.


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