5 Big Data trends that will impact how you conduct Market Research

Market research and big data have always had an intertwined destiny. The MR industry has benefited greatly from the rise of big data trends and big data has evolved to big data "analytics" with several enterprise survey platforms like Survey Analytics.

So if you are a company that is invested in market research, like most enterprises invariant of their industry segment, then here are 5 big data trends you need to watch out for :

1. Parallel growth in big data volume

To conduct valuable market research, you need valuable samples that come from big data. Once you complete your research study, you add more details to that information and hence grow it. This is parallel growth where more information is added about the current data.

2. Mobile-powered vertical big data growth

With the growth in mobile devices and single-click login authentication using Gmail, Facebook and other platforms, big data will continue its momentum. More and more users, especially in the developing World are being introduced to smartphones which require basic profiles to use, such as Google account for Android and Apple accounts for iPhones. This contact sharing for authentication and login to various online services will continue to vertically add to more basic consumer information in the form of big data.

3. Big Data Analytics will continue to improve

Since the beginning of this decade, companies like Survey Analytics have made monumental strides in analysing big data and deriving more meaningful insights in real-time. Analytics will be the single biggest investment of the decade when it comes to big data.

4. Cross-platform Analytics sharing will increase  

Much like Survey Analytics which allows users to integrate their survey data with platforms like Tableau and Salesforce for better analysis, several analytics platform will become less and less protective about cross-platform data sharing and integrations. This greatly benefits enterprises as now they can pick the choose the best form of analytics for specific purposes.

5. Artificial Intelligence will be the new rising star

As big data and its corresponding analytics grow, they will combine into a single machine learning intelligence as a natural evolution, in other words, artificial intelligence. AI will allow much more seamless understanding of consumer data and provide effortless analysis on demand.