5 Ways How to Talk to Your Customers

There is a secret to growth that nobody truly talks about anymore. Maybe, because it is not a new way – and it’s not beyond measure cool or techy. Or maybe because practicing  this, for the most part, winds up creating more work. But time and again, this one little “hack” will have the greatest effect on developing your business. You should talk to, support and delight customers.
At the end of the day, great sales and marketing really just comes down to understanding your customers.  And if your competition is able to understand and delight customers better than you, guess who’s going to end up winning that customer’s business one day? OK. Enough about why you should be talking to talk to and delight customers. Here’s an infographic to show how to actually go out and do it.
Once you’ve started to support your customer, make sure to follow through, especially if the customer is frustrated. And in no case, make the situation worse, by passing the customer on to colleagues, managers,etc. This frustrating game of pass-the-baton only serves to escalate the situation. The employees working on the support team should be empowered with the ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. They should be given several options of how they can resolve issues without having to get their manager involved. That way your company will not only delight customers but the empowerment will also delight your employees.
You should further use your existing loyalty tools to satisfy, even delight customers. Explain how their feedback will be used to improve the business.
We love to celebrate great customer experiences, yet we know people aren’t perfect. Mistakes happen. Tempers flare. Business owners should have the ability to make things right when mistakes are made. Here are somecritical mechanics for detractor recovery if you ever end up there. but of course, its best not to make them in the first place, so talk to your customers, to always be in sync and to know when you should delight customers. We can also help you do that with our Customer Experience Solution.