Improve Research Skills - Infographic

Having a written questionnaire with a survey platform is just not enough anymore for effective marketing research. In fact, it’s really nothing, not even next to nothing.
  • Survey cooperation rates have plummeted from 43 percent in 1997 to 14 percent in 2012.
  • Online survey responses rates are even sadder. Some studies show participation rates averaging 2 percent.
  • Everyone is taking a slice of the survey pie, including Google and Twitter. This has translated into more competition. Thus, a collective respondent fatigue has settled over the population. As an example, one survey firm, Mindshare Technologies, conducts 60 million surveys every year. That’s an eye-watering 175,000 per day!
These statistics are just scratching the research surface. They don’t even mention the bombardment of information on consumers that has, in effect, shortened their attention span and patience for surveys.
Don’t panic. All of this information just means one thing: more care needs to be afforded to writing questionnaires and the delivery of online surveys. The “more care” is presented in the below infographic, based on qSample’s article 7 Hellish Ways You’re Burning Your Online Survey Respondents.
Really, don’t panic. At the end of the infographic, entitled Survey Puzzle, you won’t be the one puzzled at why your survey data is incomplete and faulty.